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How Do Minor Day-to-day Things Affect Chakra Balance?

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A balanced chakra system might sound like a huge phenomenon. After all, someone who has achieved it is susceptible to the flow of higher energies through them. But did you know that even the minute day-to-day things of our lives can affect our chakras both negatively and positively?

Michelle Maslin-Taylor, an experienced yoga teacher and founder of The Reiki-Infused Yogi said, “Our chakra system is a complex system where each chakra is interconnected, having a knock-on impact on the others. 

Their balance may be impacted through their development phases through childhood experiences, leaving deeper imbalances to be resolved but are also always in flux. Our body, mind, and environment can all have an impact. Stress, illness, emotional upset, or conflict all can cause imbalances in your chakra system.”

Going deeper into the topic, Adora Winquist, Author, Leader in the Field of Alternative Medicine & Modern Alchemist, who has an experience of 20 years with chakras, explains, “Balancing the chakras is a very important aspect of harnessing the power that is within us to co-create our highest reality every single day. When we wake up in the morning, during those early waking hours our brain is moving from delta and beta states to alpha and then beta, we are in an incredible state of receptivity and malleability. So thoughts that we align for our day during those hours decide the trajectory of our daily experiences. 

Therefore, I suggest having your affirmations, journal, and intentions for the day at your bedside. Everything in creation is co-creational and invitational so in these early waking hours we must invite in our higher intentions for the day. It could be vitality, your physical health, or homeostasis.” 

Adora said the following five simple things affect the chakra system greatly;

1. Intentions

You need to map out your intentions for the day, like having a productive meeting or building a good relationship with your partner. Because where our attention goes, our intention goes and there are energy flows.

Having negative thoughts during these early waking hours affects our chakras. They weaken our vibrations. 

Everything has an impact on our chakra system. Our thoughts, intentions, practices, or basic things like clumsiness affect these centers. Taking a bath or shower, for example, in the morning or at night is a way of cleansing your chakras of the energy that you have accumulated in the day. Because throughout our day, while performing small tasks, we pick up energy and stimulations. We don’t want to carry around other people’s or the environment’s energy because we have enough of our own that we need to navigate. 

2. Spending time in nature

The simple act of spending far too much time being plugged into phones, TVs, or laptops locks us in our minds. But the moment we go out and spend some time in nature, going for walks helps to clear our energy and chakras making us feel refreshed, motivated, inspired, and encouraged to go back to our mundane day-to-day life. So being in nature is the primary aspect of balancing our chakras. 

3. Nutrition

Too much alcohol consumption and smoking cause heaviness or cloudiness in the chakras. To keep your chakras balanced to let the chronic vitality move through us and inspire our own greatness, we must look at our diet and nutrition. Ask yourself if you are consuming food that is coming directly from nature or are you consuming canned or pre-prepared food with preservatives or other chemicals? 

4. Environment

When you are around people or places that have negative energy may be due to some sort of conflict, they will have a negative impact on your chakras. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things and a lack of clutter will allow your chakras to be balanced.

5. Information that you assimilate

Watching too much negative news causes the negative energy flow in chakras resulting in confusion and cognitive dissociation.

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