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9 Things You Should Not Apologize for

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Often we find ourselves apologizing as we worry about what other people think of us, and we put other people’s feelings above our own.

Those words ‘I’m sorry’ can be quite powerful. Research shows that it can release us from feeling guilty and restores the relationship between the two parties.

However, too much apologizing can make us look lacking in confidence, and it has been shown in research that women are excessive apologizers!

We are wired to seek a sense of belonging, and we fear being ostracised from our tribe. It is admirable to apologize when we have done something wrong or if we believe we have hurt somebody, but there are choices we need to own and never apologize for.

1. Setting Boundaries and saying NO!

By setting your boundaries and having the ability to say no is showing self-respect to your own limits. To say no puts you in control of your own life, and others will respect you that you have your limits. Believe it or not, you are allowed to say no!

2. Taking self-care seriously

By filling your own tank up first, you will be far more productive and happier and have a greater ability to cope with life.

3. Prioritizing

By prioritizing, you put what is important to you first, be it family, yourself, or your business. By prioritizing, you are being disciplined. 

4. Standing your ground

By standing your ground, you are defending yourself, your values, morals, and beliefs. It is what you stand for and makes you.

5. Speaking the Truth/Stating your opinion

To tell the truth, is a sign of strength. Be true to who you are, and don’t worry what other people may think of you. Over apologizing and saying sorry all the time reduces self-esteem.

6. Being you

You are responsible for you, your actions, and behaviour. Be unapologetically you, embrace your flaws and imperfections and be comfortable in your own body. Everyone is different, don’t compromise what makes you unique. Be true to yourself.

7. Following your dreams

‘A life lived with regret is yours to miss’. A dream gives you a desire, a purpose, something to work towards. It is unique to you.

8. To love

Take a chance; you have the ability to love, so share it. Some people live in fear of ‘what if’, and don’t embrace the opportunity to experience love.

9. Dance!

You may not be the dance floor diva, but it doesn’t matter – dancing brings joy. Put the music on, and dance like no one is watching!

The whole point of learning when to apologize for less is to build self-confidence in ourselves and our choices and decisions, which fundamentally creates us being authentic and don’t ever have the mindset that you are wrong, that is foolish.

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Kate Schenk
Kate Schenk is a holistic entrepreneur, author, and creator of the Mindset Reset oracle cards. Kate is an Energy and Mindset Coach helping women to shift from fear of failure to success with the G.R.I.T process. Kate has featured in Calmpreneur. She has 5 years of experience being a Reiki Master/Teacher and 4 years as a Health & Wellness coach and uses her intuition to support her clients in getting results.

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