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Which K-Drama Should You Watch Next According to Your Zodiac Sign?

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The stars can do more than just illustrate your career path and predict the fate of a new relationship. They can also guide you to a web series for which you will happily sacrifice your sleep. We have curated a list of popular K-dramas that complement the characteristics of each zodiac sign.

1. Aries- Vagabond


This fire sign is considered to be impulsive, resourceful, and courageous. Aries thrives on adventure and is essentially a fighter. Vagabond, a fierce and fast-paced crime thriller, is right up your alley.

The story follows Cha Dal Geon, a stuntman involved in a tragic plane crash that kills all the passengers, including his nephew. The heartbroken protagonist begins his own investigation with the help of South Korean state intelligence agent Go Haeri. Together they unravel the web of political corruption and fall into many awkward situations. The protagonist of this K-drama is as impulsive and fearless as if he was born under the Aries zodiac sign, and the action-packed story keeps Aries on the edge of their seat.

2. Taurus- Jewel in the palace

Jewel in the palace

Taurus, a stable Earth sign, is grounded and very domestic. They are also attracted to tangible things, especially food. People born under this sign are known as zodiac foodies and enjoy delicious food. Classic and realistic, Jewel in the Palace introduces traditional Korean cuisine to the world.

Set in the Joseon dynasty, the show is based on the practical experience of the legendary woman, Jang Geum, who was appointed the first royal female doctor. The king gave her the title of Dae Jang Geum (The Great Jang Geum). Her journey begins by becoming a young apprentice cook in the royal kitchen. She reveals the secret of Korean cuisine. Versatile side dishes like Japchae, Pajeon, and classic dishes like bibimbap and mandu are on display. The drama even features a cooking contest. Pragmatic Taurus can take the opportunity to learn more about the cuisine of the Korean dynasty, as well as the practical aspects of this historical fiction.

3. Gemini- Squid Game

Squid Game

Curious and competitive, Geminis love a good mystery to sink their teeth into. They also tend to get bored easily and look for unique experiences to keep them engaged. Thriller squid games will have them biting their nails.

The drama revolves around a contest with 456 players. And they are all crushed by financial debt. Prize-seeking players risk their lives through a series of deadly childhood games, highlighting some social issues in the process. This iconic K-drama does not discreet the harsh reality, and its dystopian storytelling attracts fans from all over the world and is as popular as people born under the sign Gemini.

4. Cancer- Reply 1988

Reply 1988

Cancer, the caregiver of the zodiac signs, loves family and affection. This sign is not suitable for conflicts or grotesque narratives. The adult drama “Reply 1988” will make them feel at home.

The story follows the lives of five neighbors and their families, exploring teenage struggles, romance, and family conflicts. Comedic Relief moments are scattered throughout the show. The show is highly regarded for its accurate portrayal of Korean pop culture at the time and has been recorded as one of the most acclaimed dramas on cable television. Emotional Cancerians will be comforted by a good vibe and shed tears of joy during the episodes.

5. Leo- Strong girl Do Bong-Soon

Strong girl Do Bong-Soon

This zodiac royalty is known to be passionate, determined, and crazy. Leos like to be the center of attention and often develop a sense of humor that helps them do so. These natural performers will respect the vitality and comedic timing of the female lead in the action-packed romantic comedy “Strong Girl Bong Soon.”

Do Bong-Soon is an intelligent woman who dreams of appearing in the production of her video game. However, she was also born with superhuman powers, which led to her being hired as a personal bodyguard for Min-Hyuk, the CEO of a video game company. During the drama, she, along with the CEO and his old detective friend Kook-Doo, uncovered a series of crimes against a woman in the neighborhood. Leos will enjoy the dark and decisive undertones of the show, hidden in the moment of energy, and will be able to relate to the ambitious and demonic nature of the protagonist.

6. Virgo- Start up

Start up

Diligent and perfectionist Virgos like to learn and are often dedicated employees. This earth sign is also ambitious and sets high standards. They will be drawn to the harsh realities of office culture and the struggling portrayal of entrepreneurship as it is presented in startups.

Directed by investor Han Ji-pyeong, the series follows visionary Seo Dal-mi and programmer Nam Do-san overcoming the challenges of launching a startup. Dalmi wants to be Steve Jobs of South Korea and jump to the top of AI companies without a college degree. There are fascinating descriptions of launching, finding investors, and networking, all paving the way for some great professional advice that Virgos will enjoy adding to their own wealth of knowledge.

7. Libra- Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner

Relationships are at the heart of the Librans, and this air sign is naturally understanding. Most importantly, Librans seek justice, and balance in the world and are often the most successful lawyer or judges. Depicted by a set of scales, this air sign will root for the leads in the legal K-drama Suspicious Partner.

The story follows the lives of prosecutor Noh Ji-wook and trainee Eun Bong-hee, who were involved in a mysterious incident involving a murderer. The latter, who becomes a murder suspect, relies on the experience of prosecutor Noh to clear her name and restore justice, uncovering the loopholes and corrupt practices of the legal system along the way. Libras appreciate the partnerships that appear on the show. Known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, this air sign will also be drawn to the dreamy romance that blossoms along the way.

8. Scorpio- Vincenzo


Known for being passionate, fearless, and loyal, Scorpios have an emotional strength unmatched by other zodiac signs. This water sign enjoys a good mystery and is not morally afraid of a gray outlook on life. Scorpios are also known to enjoy dark comedy and crime thrillers, so Vincenzo complements them perfectly.

Popular around the world, this drama follows the life of Vincenzo Cassano, a member of the Italian mafia. Vincenzo Cassano returns to his hometown in South Korea with a job to do. Arriving there, he finds himself helping High Flyer’s lawyer, Hong-cha Young, and the eccentric residents of the building that is to be demolished by a corrupt conglomerate. The dark comedy is peppered with intense action scenes and one-liners in Italian. The main theme of the drama states that “only evil can punish evil,” and this zodiac sign will cherish the loyalty, determination, and sense of justice displayed by the K-drama characters.

9. Sagittarius- Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You

Adventurous, intelligent, and resourceful, Sagittarians like to discover different cultures. This sign is also known to be adaptable and which helps them navigate challenges easily. They will relate to the wise, independent lead of Crash Landing On You.

This beloved K-drama follows the journey of billionaire Yoon Se-ri, who landed in North Korea after a paragliding accident and was discovered by handsome army commander Ri Jeong-Hyeok. Se-ri assimilates into North Korean culture as she struggles to find her way home while avoiding the authorities. North Korean defectors welcome the show as a true portrayal of life in the country, with easy, poignant moments in the midst of the action, delivered with an abundance of romance. The rule-breaking Sagittarians will appreciate the lead’s determination and optimism while appreciating the opportunity to explore new countries that they are unlikely to be able to do otherwise.

10. Capricorn- Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

This earth sign is known to be ambitious and diligent. They are resourceful and unafraid to do what they want. They will find themselves supporting the protagonist of the Itaewon class.

The story focuses on a former prisoner and his friends who are fighting for their ambitious dream of opening their own street bar. The protagonist, Park Sae Ro Yi, is also seeking revenge for his father’s death and pays close attention to turning his restaurant into a massive franchise. He seeks the rewards through the challenges of the process and, like the Capricorns, sticks to the principle that honest success is the best revenge. Earth signs enjoy character complexity and the ability to absorb real business tactics that can be used to win the competition.

11. Aquarius- It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Known as a rebellious and eccentric who march to the beat of their own drums, Aquarius needs a progressive and intelligent show to binge. This air sign will find a familiar spirit in the intellectually bold female lead of the popular drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”.

The story follows the lives of wild, antisocial writer Ko Moon Yeong and stoic community health worker Moon Gang Tae. It deals with the themes of love, loneliness, mental health struggles, and the general stigmas surrounding psychiatric hospitals. These difficult topics are dealt with with ease and the wise Aquarius will appreciate that. The strong doses of wholesome romance in this K-drama also appeal to the zodiac sign, as they are often romantic.

12. Pisces- Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Romantic, laid-back, and sensitive Pisces don’t do very well with conflict. This zodiac sign is drawn to a more comforting portrayal of life, which is why they can find solace in the K drama “Hometown Cha-cha-cha.”

The story revolves around the relaxing life of city-loving star dentist Yoon Hye Jun and Hong Du Sik, a small-town handyman who closes the corner when she moves to a small seaside town and starts practicing. A series of warm moments, romantic gestures, and cultural learning, followed by extraordinary performances by the villagers, who are essential to the fabric of the city. The underlying theme of understanding and being there for those you love, flowery romance, and seaside scenery will continue to fascinate this water sign.

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