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13 Women Entrepreneurs Talk About Their Nighttime Rituals

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Have you ever wondered about how those extraordinary women entrepreneurs keep themselves fit and productive throughout the day?

Well, they all follow a simple bedtime/nighttime ritual to keep them energetic the next day. Wondering what those rituals are?

This article will talk about the nighttime rituals of some women entrepreneurs. For all these women, their nightly routine is very important. Do you want to know why? It is because it helps them relax, wind down and clear their minds to get a good night’s rest so that they are ready to start the next day anew. That way, they can be more productive.

Relax, Then Refuel says Delaney Smith, Founder & CEO of Authentically Del LLC

As an entrepreneur, it is incredibly important for me to combine productive preparation for the next day with some relaxation to rest after the stress of the current day. I always try to do the productive things first, so I have plenty of time to wind down and relax before bed. 

During this “productive time,” I will do everything I can to set myself up for a successful tomorrow. This includes making a rough day plan for the next day in my planner and preparing the technical things for the morning (getting my coffee maker ready, prepping a breakfast, setting my alarm (I always set it earlier than I need!), and laying out an outfit). 

I also like to tidy up my space for a few minutes. I find that I sleep much better and feel more organized the next morning when my space is clean! After I am done with these things, I love to relax. I force myself to step away from work completely at this time. Instead, I will play with my puppy, go for a walk, take a relaxing shower, and read a book. 

These are my favorite ways to switch off my work brain and get ready to sleep. Then, I will get to sleep at an hour that allows me to get at least 8 hours of rest so I can function my best the next day!

Good sleep should be your priority, says Waheeda Haris, Habits Buzz 

I have multiple online businesses. So, along with handling household chores and kids, I need to have a good evening routine to make each day productive. 

A good evening routine is important because all the things leading up to your sleep determine the quality of your sleep, and it has an impact on your productivity the next day. 

My routine consists of going to bed at the same time every night so that I get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. That means sleeping at the same time every day, like between 10 and 10.30 PM. When I get quality sleep, I wake up feeling fresh and energetic, ready to tackle one task after the other. 

Another thing I try to do as part of my evening routine is trying to stop the use of any device after 9 PM to avoid getting into the rabbit hole of social media or Netflix shows. 

After having an early dinner, I watch some lighthearted TV shows to unwind, laugh, and relax. It helps me to take my mind off the endless loop of thoughts concerning work-related tasks and other responsibilities that never seem to end.

  • And before sleeping, I also make sure to cuddle with my kids and read bedtime stories to spend some quality time with them.
  • And then I read at least ten pages of a non-fictional book before sleeping.
  • And I quickly write down the main 3 tasks for the next day, so I don’t have to wonder what task to start within the morning. This helps me to start working straight away without wasting time. 

My evening routine is simple. I focus on planning for the next day, family time, unwinding, and getting quality sleep (the most important thing to make the next day more productive).

Perform some breathing exercises before going to bed, says Monica, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, MyStraightener

I turn on the airplane mode on my phone at 9 PM and set the alarm clock at 6 AM. Additionally, I adjusted my phone to block all the frequently used apps at 9 PM every day. This way, I avoid being disturbed by late phone calls and social network notifications. Besides, this helps me avoid looking at the screen and encourages me to do something else, like reading a book, taking a walk, etc.

I do Bhramari Pranayama breathing exercises before going to bed as it helps me tame any anxiety and fall asleep with an empty head. I close my eyes, cover them with my palms and start breathing deeply. Index fingers have to be above my eyebrows, and the rest have to lay over my eyes. I put a little pressure on the sides of my nose and focus on the brow area while breathing deeply. When the posture is ready, I breathe in slowly and make the “Om” sound without opening my mouth. I repeat the cycle 5-8 times and feel that my body calms down and gets ready to fall asleep. The best result is when I start yawning in the end.

Write down your biggest aspirations, says Jaclyn Strauss, CPA Founder, My Macro Memoir

As a women entrepreneur, I have a very set nighttime routine that I am mindful of remaining consistent. The start of my evening includes putting my two children to bed. It is essential to me that this time each evening is reserved for them and that we spend some quality time together in the minutes leading up to them falling asleep. My son is nine years old, and my daughter is six. My son and I reflect on our days as we lay in bed together and talk about the highs from the day. We also do visit any lows of the day that he and I may have had. These are opportunities to learn how we responded to the challenge and perhaps do better next time. With my daughter, we play a “game” called I LOVE. We take turns sharing the things we love most about each other until she is ready to drift off to sleep. 

Once they are asleep, I open my computer to finish anything that I may not have completed from the day or prepare for something on my calendar for the next day. This allows me to not go to sleep feeling like I have loose ends to tie up or find myself in a situation that I am not fully prepared for the next day. 

I watch at least 30 minutes of mindless television, which helps me decompress from “Business Jaclyn” that has been on all day long. A few minutes of the Bachelor or A Million Little Things is always good for my soul. Once I feel fulfilled, I do a final check on my phone that nothing new came in during this time and then shut it down for the evening. I turn off all notifications and sounds and ensure it is not at arms-length as reaching for my phone may cross my mind if I wake up in the middle of the night for some reason. Finally, every night, I use a meditation app to unwind and clear my mind. Most nights, I do fall asleep before the guided mediation is over.

Power down your devices, says Dian Griesel, Ph.D., a social influencer, attitude disruptor, and serial entrepreneur

Rituals provide us with a sense of structure, connection, and even purpose. Rituals are noted to reduce anxiety. They can positively impact our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they create a sense of security because if your day didn’t go exactly as planned, at least you accomplished something you always do! Rituals help us to find our rhythm within the chaos of life, and some rituals may also help us to connect with others. While a ritual may appear to be simple on the surface, its true value may run deep, offering a sense of meaning and purpose.

Below are my favorite nighttime rituals:

  • During the school year, I always told our kids that 8 PM is my mental cut-off for homework help. This gave me a more peaceful night and helped our kids manage their schedules and commitments.
  • Two hours before bedtime, I put on a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses and give my social media and emails the last look. This is often the time when I answer social media comments to my blog because they put me in a happy, relaxed mood.
  • One hour before bedtime, I log off of all electronic devices.
  • Every night, I like to take a warm-hot shower. This is not only relaxing, but it steams up my nasal passages for more restful sleep.
  • I make a cup of chamomile tea or just slice up some fresh ginger root and put it in a favorite mug with hot water and read a book while sipping the tea.
  • I keep my room as dark as dark gets — which is a challenge, but possible when living in a 24-hour neon light city like NYC!
  • If my mind is still racing, I either read in bed until my eyes are tired and/or I may listen to a hypnosis meditation. While I love my recordings (I am a trained hypnotist)— I also downloaded the app by Joseph Clough, Unlocking Your Potential. He’s done an excellent job of creating a plethora of topics to choose from and relax too! 

Read something interesting/motivational, says Rebecca Brooks, CEO & Finance + Success Coach

As hard as it may be, the most important thing is to unplug. Hustle culture is synonymous with burnout culture. But you are more than just an entrepreneur, so carve some time out to nurture the other parts of yourself. One of the most powerful things you can do is to set a personal boundary in the form of a “work curfew.”

A time in the evening to stop checking email, social media accounts, etc., for your business. Then set another time to go screen-free entirely. Let your brain rest; this will significantly improve sleep quality. Choose screen-free entertainment or pastimes until bed. If you choose to read, consider reading for fun in the evenings and letting your work brain rest. 

Visualize, turn off devices and lower your body temperature, says Barbara Benesh, Architecture & Interior Design

Being female entrepreneurs, we’re most often taking care of others before ourselves and now add a business on top of all that, and our needs get pushed further into the background. But we also realize that by taking care of ourselves, we are better able to help others – and our business – and that begins with getting a good night’s rest. As an architect, I’m all too aware of the simple element that can disrupt, if not ruin, your body’s ability to get a good night’s rest, and the key to this is lighting. We see it on our phones now, the nighttime mode that turns our blue light screens to a warmer orange glow, and the benefit is that the orange light signals to our brain it is dusk, evening, time to wind down. 

This new feature in our technology only helps so much, though when our homes don’t also incorporate lighting options that support our circadian rhythm too. In all the spaces you spend time in during the evening, whether your office, kitchen, bathroom, and especially the bedroom, make sure you install lighting options with a lower color temperature rating (aka the warm orange glow). These can be light bulbs specifically, salt lamps, night lights, there are even new dimmer switches that allow you to adjust the color temperature for your ceiling-mounted fixtures (although I highly recommend discussing with your electrician first before making this upgrade to ensure your lighting options can accommodate these systems). Whatever the specifics of your nighttime routine, skincare ritual, or chamomile tea, design your space to support your body and your needs. Enjoy a wonderful night’s rest!

Lay Your Outfit Out the Night Before Says Jen Bradley, Owner of Jen Bradley LLC

As a female entrepreneur who works from home, I’m a huge fan of having a nighttime routine- that helps me to have a better tomorrow:

  • It’s a great idea to have a quick 10-minute pick-up around the house before I go to bed. The kitchen counters, the living room floor, and my office desk are my top three priorities when it comes to picking up. Having these three places always helps the next day feel more organized.
  • I have a meticulous skincare routine that I follow every night. As I’m washing off my make-up, I focus on washing away the cares and the worries of the workday. 
  • As part of my nighttime routine, I like to set out my workout clothes and daytime clothes for the next day (even if I am staying home!). This gives me one less thing to think about in the morning! 
  • Before I turn out the light, I take a minute to write down 3 “wins” from the day. These aren’t always huge things. My wins are usually small – like sending the email, I didn’t want to send, publishing one new article, reading a chapter of a book with my son, or folding a load of laundry (AND putting it away!). Writing my list of wins helps me see what I did accomplish during the day and keeps the overwhelm of the never-ending to-do list at bay. 

Clean your workspace before going to bed, Says Alejandra Marqués, Time Management, and Goal Achievement Mentor

As a female entrepreneur, I found that nighttime routines are key to success.

  • Step 1: Unplug 1-2 hours before going to bed. Disconnect your devices, turn off your computer and your phone 1 or 2 hours before jumping in bed. Many studies show how screens are messing up with our quality of sleep. Unplugging will allow you to have a better rest time and you’ll wake up more refreshed. 
  • Step 2: Revise your schedule and make sure you know what are your three priorities for the next day. Not knowing what you need to do or not knowing where to start is always something that makes us start the day in a rush and worry. Once you start planning your days and revising your schedule every night (or right after finishing work) will allow you to have more peace of mind and a better flow. 
  • Step 3: Make self-care a non-negotiable. Taking care of yourself tends to finish at the bottom of your to-do list, and it’s what you always postpone. By making it a non-negotiable, you will have way more energy, and you’ll feel better with yourself every single day. 
  • Step 4: Have a regular bedtime. Going to bed and waking up at different times only messes up your sleep. Having a regular bedtime will improve the quality of your sleep, and you’ll wake up in a better mood, more rested, and knowing how much time you have to get things done.
  • Step 5: Prepare what you’ll need. A huge mistake most people make is not preparing the proper environment for starting the day. Not only can you have your clothes ready, but also your surroundings, especially now that most entrepreneurs are working from home; having your desk ready for the next day will create a better ambiance where you’ll work with more ease.

Healthy Skin= Healthy Mind Says Vanessa Perry, Founder at Impeccable Credit Services

Owning a business with multiple physical locations can sometimes be stressful. Being able to have a stable routine keeps me grounded. At the end of the day, I like to enjoy my time by being productive. Having a nightly routine refreshes my mind and body for the next day.

My routine consists of dinner, an hour and a half to two hours of working out, and a consistent facial regimen. All of these are done at the right time, right before bed, and I️ feel as if I️ can conquer the world the next day! 

Dinner is the foundation of my routine. To create a healthy, happy lifestyle, I ensure that everything I put in my body has health benefits along with nutritional substances. I stay away from chicken and red meats. My protein is usually fish-based. I also drink juice every day to get in all my vegetable intake daily as well.

My workout usually consists of cardio and weights. I run a minimum of five miles a day. I do a circuit of weight intervals to strengthen every muscle in my body. I take amino acids in between my workout to help my recovery time. I do not drink coffee or take pre-workout. I have learned the best recovery for your muscles, body, and mind is sleep.

After I get done with working out, I take a shower and do my facial regimen. My regimen includes vitamin C serum, hydrochloric acid, and moisturizer. I prep my face for success. Being able to accomplish my routine every night prepares me for the next day to conquer the world.

By being prepared and ready for the next day, I can accomplish more and feel rejuvenated for anything the next day has in store for me. When I am at my best, I can do more for my clients.

Note down your next day to-do list, the night before, Says Brandy Searcy Founder, Rain Organica

As an entrepreneur, regardless of whether you have an office or work from home, chances are, work follows you home. Create sanctuary rooms throughout your space, like your bathroom and bedroom, that are off-limits to any device with wi-fi capabilities. These safe spaces provide the first opportunity to disconnect from your work at the end of the day.

  • Scheduling your day: Prepare for sleep by showering at night before heading into your bedroom. This act is a symbolic way of ending the day, washing away the worries of the day and serving as a cue for your mind that it’s time to transition away from work. 
  • Calming an anxious mind and training your mind for bedtime: When your mind refuses to relax, take 3 deep breaths and focus on the exhale extending it as long as possible to transition you into a parasympathetic state and away from a fight or flight state.
  • And, when you first start to feel tired, stop working and go get ready for bed. Staying up past exhaustion encourages another release of cortisol (like a second wind) to help get you through, and this can lead to trouble falling asleep. This tip is also vitally important if you’re living with an autoimmune condition.
  • Give yourself grace: Your achievements day in and day out aren’t nearly as important as your wellbeing and your ability to maintain your business’ forward momentum long-term. Embrace sleep as a necessary form of self-care, and you may start to notice how a good night’s sleep boosts your productivity.

Celebrate your small-small wins, says Elizabeth Hicks, Co-Founder of Parenting Nerd

  • Tomorrow’s To-Do List: For women entrepreneurs, it is important to have a clear sense of what tasks they are going to do tomorrow. Make a to-do list before going to sleep so that you know what your day will look like. It makes you feel relaxed, and you do not have to rush for tomorrow’s tasks. You will also not miss out on anything important, and the quality of your overall day will be improved.
  • Take a Hot Shower Bath: The sole purpose of a nighttime routine is to relax and make your mind feel fresh. A hot shower bath always does wonders when it comes to calming your mind and making it feel at ease. It feels therapeutic, and it can help you to feel detached from worldly distractions. You can spend more time relaxing while generating ideas in your mind. 

Stick to your routine, says  JaQualia Lynn Productivity & Wellness Coach

I am not a morning person, but I am an entrepreneur who loves to get stuff done without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. I share in my book, Before The Son Rises, the importance of getting things done early in the morning. I avoid morning laziness by having a solid nighttime routine. Routine is everything, and all parties in the home should know what the routine looks like. My husband and my children are aware of how things must go each night to make for a mindful, productive, and joyful morning.

Before I can show my evening routine, I must share that I create a weekly To-Do List every weekend; I prepare meals for the week and do laundry, one load at a time, every two days. This lightens the load for each day.

Every evening, following our 6:00 PM dinner, everyone helps clean the downstairs area, and I mean everyone, down to the 3-year-old! This is also when I vacuum my office space and my living room to enjoy a fresh and clean workspace the next day. The kids start bathing at 7:30 PM, which is downtime for me. I sit in the bathroom with the baby while he plays in the tub, and I clear up my emails, plan out my schedule details for the next day, and I set reminders to make sure I get the non-negotiable items completed on time.  

Once the kids are in bed around 8:15 PM, I prepare my workout clothes and set out my Bible with my journal and purple pen for the next morning. I take everything downstairs to avoid waking up my husband, the night owl, before his alarm goes off. Around 9:15 PM, I spend the next 30 minutes alone in the bathroom. I brush my teeth and floss, do some standing core exercises while wrapping up my hair, I say my I AM affirmations, then I shower.  

Finally, I listen to some words of motivation for 10 minutes on YouTube and pray with my husband before bed. As I lay in bed, I do deep breathing exercises until I fall asleep. When 5:45 AM rolls around, I can quietly exit my room and begin my mindful morning routine.

These are the nighttime rituals of women entrepreneurs. These are the things that have worked beautifully for them and continue to work for them. So, follow these tips and see what works best for you and what you can fit into your routine. 

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