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Why Men Lose Interest In The Relationship, All That You Need To Know

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Have you ever wondered why some men lose interest in a relationship? Well, read this article to find out. Although no one is supposed to lose interest in someone, if someone did so, keep one thing in mind- that person is not worth investing your time and love. 

We live in the 21st century, where breaking relations, ignoring people, and hurting feelings have become a trend. But, have you wondered what thoughts juggle in man’s mind when they decide to move far from a beautiful relationship?

9 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Relationship

Many of the times, we have seen or heard that men lose interest in the relationship- making women concerned about what wrong they have done.

A woman overthinks, cries, and sometimes goes crazy in figuring out why my man suddenly loses interest in me?

Don’t worry; this article will help you figure out why men lose interest in the relationship after days of dating. It will also help you understand what you can do to patch things up between you.

1. He Was Never That Interested

You might find it hard to accept, but sometimes, it is not suddenly that men lose interest in the relationship; sometimes, situations, different perceptions over things make him move far from you.

   To know whether a man is interested in you or not:

  • Look at the efforts he had put into the relationship from the beginning.
  • Take a look at his track record, and if he hasn’t shown much effort, it clearly shows he was playing around you.
  • Be clever, girl, and leave him before he dumps you.

2. He Wants Purely Sexual Relationship

This is one of the reasons that make men lose interest in the relationship.

Ask yourself if you will characterize your relationship as one purely based on sex. Do you do fun things together? Is sex the primary element between you? If it is so, then your relationship is only satisfying each other needs, and it is only a matter of time before he loses interest in you.

3. You Changed The Direction Of The Chase   

In a relationship, one is the chaser, and the other is chased. Often, this chasing game keeps the guy interested in you and the relationship. Imagine how it would feel if the Gazelle flips the chase and starts chasing the lion. The lion will start running in the opposite direction, scared and surprised by the change of events.  

So, if he has been chasing you, let it stay that way. If you start chasing him instead, it will spook him off. This is one of the answers to your question, “what makes him lose interest in our relationship?”

4. Something In His Life Has Changed    

Some incidents in your life change the entire perspective about how you see things. This could be the case with him, as well. He might ghost you for days because few incidents which had happened with him might bring drastic changes.

At this point, you need to be understandable, give him some me-time. Don’t poke him; don’t invest your time in doing something that isn’t going to work. Let the time heals him and your relationship.

5. He Might Not Be Ready For The Commitment  

You might think that your man is ready to commit, but he might not be. So, don’t be surprised if he ghosts you after you have asked him to commit for a lifetime. So if your man starts ignoring you and won’t pick your calls, especially after you have asked him for marriage, make sure you let him know that he can take his time. Don’t force him to be with you and learn to take NO gracefully.

6. You Weren’t Giving Each Other Time

Life keeps everyone busy, but it is up to you to strike a perfect balance. You might be extremely successful in your job, but you have to be as good in your relationship as well. If you keep ignoring your man over your work, he is bound to lose interest in you. And you will only be able to notice until it’s too late. So, give your man equal attention. Make him feel special, needed, and wanted now and then, and he will stick by your side for life.

7. Your Attachment Styles Were Incompatible

A study says that people have different attachment styles, and avoidant is one of them. In this attachment style, someone might be extremely interested in you in the beginning, but with the rise of the prospect of real intimacy, they unconsciously panic and escape. And this often happens if the other partner has an anxious attachment pattern, also known as clingy in usual terms. So, if you are clingy and avoids intimacy, he might lose interest in you.

8. Your Relationship Has Become Boring

The beginnings of every relationship are great and exciting. But as time passes, everything in the relationship starts to feel like a routine. The lack of romance and understanding becomes one of the reasons men lose interest in the relationship. 

9. You Have Lost Interest In Yourself

When we find ourselves settled in a relationship, we often let go of ourselves. We let go of our bodies and our minds. You must keep putting effort into yourself. Look pretty, stay confident, and this is what makes a woman attractive to men. And if you lose interest in yourself, he will lose interest in you too.

What do you do when a guy loses interest in a relationship? 

Everything between you is beautiful until it isn’t. He doesn’t call or text you nearly as frequently as he used to, and when he does, he has nothing to say. He’s always busy, and when you do get together, he finds ways to get out of it early. Yes, there are numerous signs that a man is losing interest in you.

So, should you try to remind him of what he has in you, or should you just let him go? Instead, try these suggestions:

1. Make a life for yourself

The worst thing you can do when you think a guy is over you are shut down. You stop caring about your life, your dreams, your interests, and your profession because of a guy. But just because he’s acting shady doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life to accommodate him. Get out there and keep doing what you’re doing because your life is more important than staring at your phone all day.

2. Make room for him

It’s natural to want to get closer to him, but doing so may push him away. If he starts to back away, it’s an indication that he needs some space, so give it to him. After all, if you text him every five minutes, he won’t notice you. And, because people can take their partners for granted at times, a brief break can be just what the dating doctor ordered.

3. Take stock of your relationship 

Now that he’s taking a break, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to do the same and evaluate your relationship. Determine what’s wrong with your relationship and whether you’re happy. It’s time to refocus on yourself if you’ve lost sight of your ambitions and simply gone with the flow.

4. Check to see if you still want him

The clarity that comes with distance is remarkable. It’s not just about you and your connection; your lover is involved as well. Things you used to put up with, like his sarcastic comments or emails to his ex, may now feel like giant growling wolves you can’t get away from. You might even start to wonder why you were with him in the first place. 

5. Be Awesome

You may be tempted to ask him what he’s up to, but you don’t want to look back and regret it — especially if he was acting strangely for a real reason, such as a depressive episode or the death of a loved one. Even if he’s being shady and ghosting you, you don’t want to become the insane person he was dating. Don’t make him feel good.

6. Don’t tell, show

You could be tempted to show him what he’s missing rather than attempting to persuade him of your superiority. Because actions speak louder than words, go out there and be the extraordinary lady he met.

7. Set up a text test for him

Send him a test SMS to see if he responds to you. Inviting him to hang out or posing a query to which he must respond. This could be a great choice if you’ve been dating for a while and don’t do date evenings anymore. Take note of how he reacts; it will reveal a lot.

8. If he doesn’t test you back, don’t contact him again

If he doesn’t respond to your approach, you should back off. The ball is in his hands, but you must keep in mind that you will not be waiting endlessly for him to pass it to you. You’re not the type of woman who hangs around waiting for a man who doesn’t appreciate what he has, so set a schedule for yourself to move on. There’s no way.

9. Remember how much you are worth

Now isn’t the time to feel horrible about yourself or assume you’re not good GF material because he’s leaving your life. That will only make you feel worse, and it’s not your fault he’s acting like this. Don’t place your self-worth in the hands of others. Try to remember everything that makes you unique.

10. Look for a new spark

While you’re putting out the fires in your life, you may re-energize your relationship by finding a common passion that you both like, and that will revitalize your bond. It may be hiking or a weekend getaway or anything else that makes both of you happy. This could be a great approach to get back on track, but keep in mind that he must be just as thrilled about the idea as you are. It’s no fun sipping cocktails on the beach while he’s hitting on other women at the bar.

11. Get rid of him

Despite your best efforts, the person may continue to distance himself from you until he is no longer a part of your life. If you detect this is happening, let him go. It’s like you’re Bear Grylls, and he’s the mountain if you’re working so hard to make things work, and he’s simply sitting there. Ignore him, block his phone number, and get on with your life. Pursuing a man is never a good idea.

In conclusion, there are various reasons and factors as to why men lose interest in a relationship. Sometimes things just can’t be helped. It just happens. However, always remember that just because your relationship is ending doesn’t mean that it was bad or wrong. It just means it’s over. So, move on and live happily as much as you can. 

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