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How to Plan a Wedding: Step by Step Tips & Budget Advice

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Planning, financing, and executing a wedding can seem quite intimidating for someone without any previous experience in this field. Fortunately, by following some advice, you can manage this quite effectively.

  • How much does a wedding cost?

This is a complex question that greatly depends on the situation.

  • How many guests do you expect? 
  • Do you have any specific requirements for the venue?
  • What about the music, the transportation, the catering, etc.?

Here are several biggest considerations that you have to make to figure out how much money you’ll need for the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding budget

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The first and most important tip to be considered before doing anything is to clarify your budget. Many people do their best and spend a huge amount of money to experience a memorable night. But some try not to have an expensive party.

In order to clarify your budget, you should consider some factors like the number of people whom you are going to invite, the kinds of food you want to serve, the place you are going to hold the party, and your own costumes and rings. 

Pick rings

Rings have been used as a symbol of marriage. In the past, only women would wear rings, and that was a symbol of ownership. Fortunately, time has changed, and now both men and women wear rings to show their loyalty to each other, which is highly appreciated.

When you want to choose rings, you have two options. Either choose beautiful and expensive rings or choose simple and less expensive rings. Wearing rings, after a while, will be annoying. So, I highly recommend using simple rings and saving money for your life.


How can you tell the size of the venue that you will need if you don’t know how many people you’ll have over? Is there a way for you to set a budget before you know how much food, drinks, and invitations you’ll need? Can you even come up with a proper ceremony this way?

So, the first thing you need to establish is your guest list.

So, start by making a list and reviewing it for a couple of days. Once you have the final number of guests, you can start looking for a suitable venue.

Food list

wedding pizza bars

After you have provided your guest list, it is time to think of proper kinds of food to serve at the party. It is necessary to choose good food for the party because people will remember the details and of course the food.

There are different types of food that you can test and choose. Some of the most common food used in wedding parties are; Taco, Salads, Steak, and meatballs. You would better provide a big table with this food and let your guests choose what to eat.

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Keep in mind that, when it comes to some of the above-listed tasks, all that it takes is for you to know a rough number of your guests. You can’t know who will cancel at the last minute or if someone will unexpectedly remember that they need a plus-one.

The transportation

How To Plan Your Dreamy Vintage Wedding

Even after you get a venue, you need to think about transportation. So, you need to start by planning bridal transportation.

Some brides and grooms prefer to leave people’s transportation for them to organize on their own. However, this plan is all but reliable. If the wedding is taking place in several locations (church wedding, for instance), you may want to hire a bus, as well.

Also, when it comes to some guests who are coming from afar, you need to think about their safety. The last thing you want is for them to drive under the influence or be tired late at night. So, either get them rooms or organize designated drivers.

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Choose the venue

The next thing you need to think about is the venue. In the era of COVID-19, it’s the safest to keep your wedding small and outdoors. Even aside from this, you must follow all the epidemiological rules and recommendations.

The majority of venues are charged by the seat. Also, some venues will have their catering services, which means that everything will go into this price. This is a lot simpler for your budget, but you may be able to do better. Hand-picking everything is more effort-intensive, but it gives you a chance to host the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Dresses 

When you are done with doing the prior tasks, you are ready to think of what you are going to wear to the party. The right type of cloth that both fits and suits you. To make a better decision, you can talk with a designer, and they will help you to pick the best one.

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Designers will also help you with your accessories and rings. Imagine you have the best dress to wear, it is so nice, but how better it would be if you had accessories matched with your cloth and hairstyle.  

Make an appointment with your hairdresser to discuss your hair color

Your wedding hair color is as important as your dress! If you, as a bride, haven’t tried coloring your hair, go a bit lighter than your usual hair color, like a light brown to chocolate. So, before your wedding day, make an appointment at an organic hair salon.

Pay attention to details

There are so many things you need to do to throw a wedding, which is why it’s so easy for something to slip your mind. To avoid this, you can do one of two things. These are:

  • Make a detailed checklist
  • Hire a professional wedding planner

Those who decide to go with the first option will rest assured knowing that they can download a template. Here, you’ll get the majority of the significant tasks listed. However, make sure that you print it out early enough so that you can add something that you would otherwise forget.

Sure, hiring a wedding planner is a more expensive option, but it ensures that everything is done professionally and that you don’t omit a single task. Most importantly, wedding planning can be stressful, so you need someone who can keep their cool in charge of everything.

In conclusion

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. However, this will only be the case if you organize it properly. Keep in mind that you’ll already be under a lot of stress, which is why the last thing you need is to find yourself in a situation where logistical issues start failing one after another. While budgeting is a major concern, it is merely a reflection of your overall organization and planning abilities. Now, you know how to handle it properly.

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