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Sun Salutations and Yoga by Nicki Laycoax

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Yoga is a well-known form of meditation practice that renders serenity and healing power. 

Yogaconnicki is a platform through which Nicki connects with my students online; that aside she also provides yoga training on-site with small groups. The youngest student of Nicki was a 5-year old, and the eldest one was 75.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you a friendly interview session with Ms. Nicki Laycoax, a yoga teacher, founder of sunrise yogis, and Yogaconnicki.

In this interview, she shares with us her journey as a yoga teacher, the importance of sun salutations, and other health benefits of practicing yoga.

Sun salutations

“Since I am a Vynyasa yoga teacher, Vinyasa is quite taxing on the shoulders and wrists, so I normally begin classes for teenagers to warm up 3,2,1 to lubricate their muscles. The 3,2,1 warm-up includes 3 sun salutation A’s, two sun salutation B’s, and 1 line salutation”- Nicki.

Sun salutation is the building block of a yoga class; it opens a way to warm up all your muscles and prepare your body to do other yoga postures.

Health benefits of practicing yoga

The number one benefit is stress deduction in addition to the physical benefits; after a session of yoga, your mind will be open and stress-free.

“During menstruation, many of us go through period cramps, so I think the child’s pose is a good one to relieve the lower backache”- Nicki.

My first experience

“After my gym closed, I had the opportunity to do more yoga.

There was an app called yoga collective with tons of good teachers and classes. I started off with the beginner level 1 and progressed all the way till level 3; gradually, I gained confidence in the practice and started teaching my son and friends. I enjoy taking classes outside; you are able to attain peaceful mindfulness when you are free out there in nature away from distractions”- Nicki.

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