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House of Colour is Trailblazing the Fashion and Styling Market: How Colors and What We Wear Affects our Mood by Kimberly

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We care a great deal about our clothes, whether at a workplace meeting or a family gathering, but few of us reckon about their colors. Some people may prefer darker or brighter colors, but did you know that colors could help cement your personality?

House of Colour is a platform that could provide you with a personal stylist, colour analysis expert, and image consultant to refill your wardrobe with colors that define you. The colour analysis experts could find the right shades of colour that get along with your skin tone, eye colour, and hair. After spending valuable time with their highly trained experts, the next time you go out shopping, you will be able to straightway pick up those that suit you the best.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Kimberly Mayhew, the managing director of house of colour, USA.

Scheduling an appointment with our house of colour consultant, will walk you through the process of discovering new colours of different seasons that will suit you.

In order to put emphasis on the right image, we wear a different set of clothing, like a business suit will be more ideal for a conference meeting that might demand you to sit upright in a productive mood.

Simplify dressing style

Our dressing styles could be simplified with the help of a house of colour, as they can guide you to pick the right flavours. Along with that, it is important to buy outfits that best fit your body rather than riding behind the bandwagon. 

“When you buy different set of clothes, make a note that they work for your body architecture, your colouring since you are the piece that pulls it all together and it should define you not the latest trend” – Linda (Training advisor of Kimberly)

“House of colour aims to ensure that our clients are wearing clothes that best fit them, complement them or the colours that best suit their skin tone, look flattering on them either in person or before the camera” – Kimberly

Personalized rainbow of colours and power colours

A house of colour consultation will take you into the depth, discovering different shades of colours as per your season that could refill your rainbow, unlike the ordinary VIBGYOR. A colour consultant will guide you through this phase on finding the ‘wow’ colours of your season. 

As per the allotment of seasons, the shades of colour that are on your rainbow fan will differ from other seasons, like though they might still have a blue, yours might be azure, unlike the lapis you find in another fan.

Check out their portal and schedule an appointment to look your best at your next conference zoom meeting!

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