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5 Best Books by Malala Yousafzai

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I tell my story not because it is unique but because it is the story of many girls.” Malala.

She was born in Mingora, Pakistan, in 1997. She is bright and brave, confident, and stands for the welfare of the women. It’s her dream to motivate every woman worldwide to study and work hard and be independent.

She is fond of her happiness in school and education. But, things turned upside down when the Taliban took control of their valley. They announce that girls are no longer allowed to go to school. Malala stood for herself and her girls and spoke about fighting for their rights publicly.

In October 2012, when she was coming back from school, a masked gunman shot her on the left side of her head. She was taken to Birmingham and was unconscious for ten days. After she recovered, she decided to make the most of her life. With the help of her father, she established the Malala Fund. In 2014, she became the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. Here are some amazing books authored by Malala Yousafzai.

I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Was Shot By The Taliban

I am Malala

This is an autobiography of Malala Yousafzai, co-authored with Christina Lamb. Published in 2013, it shows light on Malala’s life, her father’s support, how school excites her, and how her happiness got robbed when she was shot, and how the country paid for her recovery. This book illustrates her journey, her struggle, and how she overcame the challenges and fought for women’s rights.

We Are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World

We Are Displaced

Published in 2019, in this book, Malala has shared her personal experience of how she was being displaced in Pakistan. She, along with her family, was forced to move to England. She has talked about the struggles of moving away from her country, her birthplace- her search for a new home away from her homeland. The book is one of the bestsellers and among the top 10 books listed in the New York Times.

Malala: My Story of Standing Up for Girls’ Rights

malala yousafzai books

It is a chapter edition of Malala’s story and one of the bestselling novels. The book talks about Malala’s story of how she risks her life to fight for women’s right to education. Malala is born into a very supportive family. Her family always encouraged her to stand for what is right. Her heroic story is the epitome of bravery and determination- this book is how Malala has chosen to educate the audience to stand against hate and injustice. She has used very simple language in this book to make it more accessible to people.

Malala’s Magic Pencil

books by malala yousafzai books

This amazing book was shortlisted for the Little Rebels children’s book awards. As a child, Malala always wished to have a magic pencil that she could use to draw realistically and what she desired. Sometimes she wished to have chocolate, chips, or even an extra hour of sleep. As she grew older, she wished for bigger things to fix the wrong things in the world. This is a beautiful story of hope and hard work.

I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World

I am Malala

In this Young Readers Edition of her bestselling memoir, which has been reimagined specifically for a younger audience and includes exclusive photos and material, we hear firsthand the remarkable story of a girl who knew from a young age that she wanted to change the world — and did.

Malala’s powerful story will open your eyes to another world and will make you believe in hope, truth, miracles, and the possibility that one person — one young person — can inspire change in her community and beyond.

Malala is the epitome of bravery. I hope you find inspiration in her story and books. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like our recommendations. Stay tuned. Happy Reading.

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