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Hot flashes during Menopause: How to manage them using WOMANEZE by Salma-El-Yassir

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“There are 47 different associative symptoms of menopause, some women might not experience hot flashes, but the majority meets it”- Salma-El-Yassir.

Severe symptoms of menopause

Menopause comes along with many symptoms that drive you in disarray, the most common symptoms faced by many includes: hot flashes, insomnia, night sweating, mood swings. Many women often ignore these vital clues with which the body tries to communicate until severe ones occur, such as heavy bleeding.

 Therefore, it is important to bring the spotlight on the various triggers and symptoms during menopause in order to empower women worldwide to prepare for the same.

“Personally, I had suffered from severe insomnia during my menopause” – Salma.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an informative interview session with Ms. Salma-El-Yassir, the confounder of WOMANEZE.

WOMANEZE was founded by two bold females who wanted to bring a change to our society that treats menopause as a taboo even today.

At WOMANEZE, we approach menopause as a natural transition, like puberty in reverse and not as an illness.

“People have this image in their head, that menopause is only associated with older wrinkled-white haired women, but in actual menopause starts from the forties” – Salma.


As per our research, 12% of women are in menopause right now. In the United States of America alone, 6000 women go into menopause every day.

WOMANEZE app helps you fathom the different patterns of hot flashes and find out strategies that could work for your body. Do check out their demonstration here

Menopause has become a topic that should receive great attention with growing concern for women and their menstrual health. 

WOMANEZE is an app that can help women to conquer hot flashes, and we are on our way to expand the same into more holistic coverage of the menopause symptoms”- Salma. 

Muted conversations about menopause

Due to the lack of conversation about menopause, women are unable to ask anybody about it nor share their sorrows. One of the things we should encourage women is to open up about their problems with their family, partner and don’t hesitate to refuse to ask for help.

 “I encourage young women of this generation to enquire about their mother’s health and assure her that she doesn’t have to go through this phase alone, and this could also be a template for this generation for what she would go through down the line” – Salma.

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