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A Professional Guide to Heal Ailing Sexual Communication by Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn

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How many of us are coming to grips with a rocky relationship?

Have you ever wondered why your companion drives you crazy?

In the recent conversation with Dr. Tara, Morning Lazziness has arrived with all of the answers you were hoping to hear.

It isn’t always your fault if your relationship isn’t working out; after all, the backbone of every partnership is shared understanding. Before making a life decision, believe in yourself and listen to your heart as well as your intellect.

Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn has been a professor at California State University, Fullerton, for the past few years. She is an in-depth researcher of interpersonal and sexual relationships, as well as a relationship coach and podcast hostess at Luvbites.co.

You may follow her on social media for some helpful relationship and sexual communication suggestions.

She recognizes that the quality of your relationship influences your degree of contentment in life, something that other therapists also address with equal concern, which is another reason she chose this profession.

Sexual communication and divorce

“Healthy sexual communication may help repair breakups and divorce traumas,”

Tara says, “but if your partner isn’t compatible, there seems to be little likelihood for a long-term commitment.” The crucial factors in resolving most of the 50 percent of relationship issues are compatibility and improved sexual communication.

Dating life

Does dating after marriage sound wrong to you?

It isn’t wrong to expect your partner to take you on a date even after years of marriage.

The dating stage isn’t irreplaceable in a relationship; it helps to cultivate a healthy dating life which upgrades and strengthens your relationship as well. Don’t hesitate to share your sexual anxieties with your life partner, be open about it.

Harmony and trust in a relationship

Understanding your partner’s point of view can help you solve most of the relationship problems; if that finds logically ethical to your conscience mind, you could agree. Harmony is a really important ingredient in a successful relationship, along with trust.

Betrayal of trust isn’t only about cheating in a relationship; it has a wider arena to be explored. If your partner isn’t paying you enough attention or not showing interest in you, it is also a betrayal of trust, according to Tara.

And lastly, a fundamental ingredient in good communication is that both parties listen and interpret the solutions to resolve a conflict, be it in your relationship or other incidents. 

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