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Let’s Get to the Bottom of Lymphatic Drainage Massage From Detox by Specialist Rebecca Faria

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The lymphatic drainage massage is a treatment consisting of numerous techniques that can modify your body, like boosting your immune system, shaping your body, and detoxifying the concentrated toxins from your body.

It also helps to reduce water weight, stimulate metabolism and treat cellulite in your body. 

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an enlightening interview session with Ms. Rebecca Faria, a licensed lymphatic drainage specialist and founder of the beauty clinic, Detox by Rebecca at California.

Over the years, with over ten years of experience, Detox has gained popularity among American celebrities. 

The detox treatment provided by Rebecca and her team combines manual lymphatic techniques along with advanced high-tech equipment. The services provided via the same platform include: reduce the size, deflating the body, toning the muscles, and boosting the immune system. A highlight of this treatment is that the results can be seen instantly after the first session itself.

Version for pregnant women 

The pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage is dedicated to pregnant women since it helps to relax and relieve the typical swelling that occurs due to pregnancy. Adding on, it facilitates lactation, prevents varicose veins, stretch marks, reduces liquid retention. Pregnancy is a phase that requires much care and concern; luxuriating in lymphatic drainage massage can just do the trick.

“During pregnancy, our body will retain up to 50% of the fluid, and there will be an increase in the swelling of the body. When they do lymphatic massage, it will help to release this water and keep it under control, which will be good for the baby as well as the mother. Moreover, after delivery, it will be way easier for them to regain their original body structure”- Rebecca.

Tips to losing water weight

Three tips to lose water weight at home are

  • Sleep: It helps to keep hormones under control
  • Avoid processed food: It will cloak our lymphatic system and will result in obesity.
  • Exercise: In order to enhance the functioning of our lymphatic system, we need to stimulate blood flow in our body.

“Our lymphatic system is the power of our blood system” – Rebecca.

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