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Kavita Golia’s Spiritual Transformation Journey That Began With Yoga

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My story of transformation

“When I did my first yoga training 7 years ago, I began to realise that there was something bigger than just this bod and this mind, so much bigger in consciousness and spirituality. As soon as I got back from my training, I started researching transpersonal psychology and finally ended up completing a masters on the same subject driven by my fascination towards the same. I started doing more yoga courses and enjoyed practicing breathework. Although I didn’t want to become a yoga teacher, after my training, I wanted to help people feel the transformation that I had felt through this proces. I gradually started teaching breathwork in bits, I just wanted to help people connect with themselves and move forward in their lives. ”- Kavita

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Kavita Golia, an embodiment coach, yoga coach podcast host, and luxury wedding planner.

During our conversation, we discussed about Kavita’s transformation journey, embodiment coaching, psychedelic integration, TUNE.IN podcast and many more aspects about Kavita Golia’s coaching services. 

Feminine embodiment coaching 

“This course is for both male and females but I do more specific stuff with just women to help them make decisions by listening to their bodies, develop a deep connection with their sensitive inner world and listen to that inner voice. We have many goals set up in life, but then we also want to be nurturing and stay connected with our inner world.” – Kavita

The TUNE.IN Podcast

“I still recall my first episode, the sound wasn’t that good and overall ut had poor quality but I thought it doesn’t need to be perfect but it should be uploaded. I generally talk to people about psychedelics, personal development, breathework and spirituality in my podcast.” – Kavita

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