Sunday, April 2, 2023

Let’s talk fashion by Denisha Ferguson (The founder and CEO of Indiana Fashion Foundation)


“I started my career as a sewist in my early teens, and I was quite fascinated by the notion of creating something new. I didn’t look at it as a challenge until I started getting more exposed to this industry. As a teenager, it was challenging to navigate this vast space of fashion, learning my style and voice in this industry, and it exists even today” – Denisha.

How was the Indiana Fashion Foundation launched?

Indiana fashion foundation was started in 2018 as bridging the world of fashion with Indiana, and it has helped the people of Indiana to be able to start sustainable business and learn more about this industry. Decades of me working in this industry, hosting workshops, bringing fashion resources supported me to establish this platform and traveling to New York helped me find resources to launch IFF.” – Denisha 

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Denisha Ferguson, the CEO, and founder of Indiana Fashion foundation. In this session, we have managed to cover matters relating to female entrepreneurship, implementing sustainability in the fashion world, programs of IFF, and about the book, Denisha had authored.

“From being a designer and diving into the actual production allowed me to dig deeper into this fashion industry and see multiple sides of it.” – Denisha.

The programs we offer…

“IFF programs consist of the Emerging Designer Incubator, which is what the designers could come and learn about, building sustainable brands. And we have Imagine IFF youth program for the youth to experience the different pathways of the fashion industry.

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Designers are the heart of the fashion industry, but there are other areas in marketing, project management, PR, and we teach them about it. We also have the Indian Fashion Week, which brings together all the community members of the fashion world and establishes a link with those who aren’t a part of the same.” – Denisha

Sustainability in the fashion industry

“I see that several small enterprises are already moving ahead with sustainable goals and building products accordingly. Many businesses are beginning to explore this side of entrepreneurship, and I see a future for sustainability in the fashion industry” – Denisha

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