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5 signs that show you are too desperate for love

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Desperation for anything is not right, be it for love, success, or anything. But, sometimes, we all have been there. Annoyed with the single life, hunting for a rebound or out of a toxic relationship, or any such situation, it’s obvious to feel the need for someone.

We, humans, are social animals, we can’t stand loneliness for a long time, and thus our lower self-esteem compels us to lie next to anyone.

Loneliness is the worst phase in life. However, that doesn’t mean we should beg for love or become too desperate, and it doesn’t look good on anyone. 

Desperation makes us do things that we never thought of doing. Here I have listed a few signs that you can consider looking to analyze whether you are desperate for love or not. 

You are on dating apps all the time.

Online Dating

If you spend most of your time on dating apps and swiping right on all profiles without analyzing whether that person is compatible with you. It’s a clear sign that you only want someone, no matter who they are.

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You bend over backward.

When you find yourself over-complimenting your partner for even the smallest things, buy them gifts, and be super generous in bed. You do what they want you to rather than what you like. You give up easily on things and always pretend to be cool and calm. Your social media is full of their pictures. You spend most of your time talking about them and the people they like. 

You’re always available.

Suppose you are always available for them even when you don’t have to. You schedule your day according to them. Instead of focusing on your work and life, you are always open to them. You leave your important tasks if they ask to meet you. You start behaving like an ATM, open 24×7.

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You cling. So hard.

Ex Still Wants To Be In Touch With You

You hate to live without them. Their absence makes you sad, and you constantly want them to be around you, and you try to interfere with their visits by constantly showing up. You wait for them and stay up late at night to talk to them once. You ask them where and why they are going and ask them to take you along. 

You imagine the future too quickly.

After your first date, you start imagining your future with them and hear wedding bells. Instead of having a generic conversation, you talk about having a future and marriage.

You share your deepest and darkest secrets too quickly without knowing whether they are trustworthy. You procrastinate living your own life and try to be with them most of the time. You become too expressive and confess your love for them on a second date. 

Wrap up

Love is the most pious emotion, and it takes time to develop. However, it’s okay to explore but settling down too quickly just because you want love is not right.

It is a person’s emotion; you don’t have to ask for it. And if you find yourself asking for it, it’s not love; it’s desperation. If you figure out any signs mentioned above, it’s time to take a break or visit a therapist for counseling. 

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