Sunday, March 26, 2023

Learning to Love Your Body with the Help of Hypnosis


Learning to love your body isn’t easy in our culture. If you’re exposed to movies, magazines, or social media, you might have a skewed view of what “normal” or “beautiful” people should look like. Actors and models are made to look perfect. But even they don’t look like that in real life! 

Although it’s natural to feel self-conscious about your looks, that feeling can quickly snowball into body dysmorphia. All this exposure to unreasonable beauty standards can make you hate your appearance, despite how you look. It can distort your view of your body and set unrealistic standards, making you constantly unhappy with your appearance. This distorted view is called body dysmorphia

You don’t have to keep hating the way you look. You deserve to be happy with the way you are. Changing the way you feel about your body can feel difficult. But, with hypnosis, you can feel better about yourself. 

Hypnotherapy for Body Dysmorphia

The way you feel about your body comes from your past experiences and the type of media you’re exposed to. 

You may hate your appearance because of a comment or event in your past, an event that you may not remember. That event, and countless others, are stored in your subconscious. They influence your beliefs about how you should look. 

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During hypnotherapy for body dysmorphia, a hypnotist can place you in a relaxed state and access your subconscious. Because your subconscious holds the root causes of your body dysmorphia, reaching into your subconscious can make significant changes. Through hypnotherapy, a hypnotist changes the way you see yourself and the world around you. Hypnosis can: 

A) Treat Anxiety

One of the root causes of body dysmorphia is anxiety. Anxiety about your appearance can trigger body dysmorphia. A hypnotist can train your mind to control your anxiety, keeping you from becoming focused on your appearance. 

B) Erase “Flaws”

Learning to Love Your Body with the Help of Hypnosis

Negative thoughts about your body can cause non-existent “flaws” to appear — apparent to only you. Through guided visualization, a hypnotist can train your mind to see yourself in a more realistic way. You can learn to see yourself as normal and acceptable. With hypnosis, you can be fine with yourself as you already are. Learning to love your body again is possible with hypnosis. 

C) Stop Obsessions 

The subconscious can trigger a broken record of thoughts. Stuck on a loop, you might obsess about the same part of your body. Hypnotherapy for body dysmorphia can train your subconscious to stop its negative thought processes. It can get your mind off of that never-ending loop of negative thoughts. 

D) Reframe Memories

Old memories might influence how you think about the way you look. A critical parent, mean bully, or heartless crush may have insulted you a very long time ago. That memory can stay in your subconscious. It can then trigger anxiety about your appearance. 

A certified hypnotist can find those memories and reframe them. Hypnosis doesn’t change your past. However, it can change how you view that past. By reframing memories, you can see them in a positive, or less hurtful, light. 

Learning to Love Your Body

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Loving the way, you look can improve your self-confidence and quality of life. It can renew your relationships and help you succeed. With hypnotherapy, you can banish body dysmorphia and love the skin you’re in. 

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