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The Curly Hair Journey of the Curly Fit Mom: Danielle Doan

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The Curly Girl Movement

“I always had curly hair but I never really embraced it during my teen years and decided to even straighten them during my college. Eventually, I did a huge chop and found that the short curls were a little easier to handle even though I tried to fight the frizziness and volume. After my second pregnancy, I cut my hair short again and began to just love and embrace the simplicity of short curls. It was at that time, I founded the curly girl movement and started digging into the research of hair, and learned new things. Gradually, I started a Facebook page where I educated people from my learnings and then an Instagram page where I shared my journey hoping that it would help women along the way.” – Danielle.

Morning Lazziness is proudly bringing you an interview session with Ms. Danielle Doan, an social media influencer, founder of the Curly Girl Movement, and a woman of inspiring perspectives about a healthy lifestyle.

During the conversation, Danielle shared with us her journey of embracing the curls, breaking the taboos on the weight loss journey, her perspectives concerning cheat days, and her relationship with food. Moreover, don’t forget to check out her favorite products and add them to your cart!

Royal locks curly hair products

“I am very fortunate to have people like Danielle. When my hair turned wavy curly – from totally straight- after the birth of my first child I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t look like myself and didn’t feel like myself. Thankfully I found curly-haired educators and influencers like Danielle. After years of researching and stumbling upon the curly hair community, I began to get help from people like Danielle and began to love my new look.”- Casey Simmons, Owner, Royal Locks Curl Care.  

“The Pro Curl Cream Gel is my favorite Royal Locks product, as it helped me reach a definition and volume for my hair. It gives the user more grit and texture for their hair so the curls don’t fall flat. This product is the secret behind my massive hair volume and definition, I highly recommend it!” – Danielle.

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Cheat days

“The term ‘cheat’ in our health and wellness journey and following that mindset can often throw us off the track; one would never want to cheat themselves in this journey. My relationship with food has come a very long way, and I don’t think we should have guilt or shame around the food we eat. All food is allowed but also, being honest that all food is not nutritionally beneficial for our bodies, and I think that is a struggle in our society right now.

We are so against the diet culture that we have run away from discipline culture and educated ourselves on foods that will actually help our body. My body is a temple, and I will hone it by doing my best for it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t ever have a cupcake or go out to have one with my family; instead, I believe it’s a part of a healthy lifestyle.” – Danielle.

Challenges of my weightloss journey

“I think the most challenging aspect was the consistency to keep no matter what life throws your way, there was always business, children, puppies, trips to throw you off your schedule. The key is to find something that you love doing and have accountability and community support to keep you going. I consistently workout 5-6 days a week and I’ve been doing it ever since my daughter was 9 months old, now she is in her teens. Initially, I hated working out but now it is something that I need for my soul, my body everyday.” – Danielle

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