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15 People Has The Best Answer: What is an Alternative But Equivalent Pleasure To Sex? (AskReddit)

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A good orgasm can feel like a near-death experience in the sense that you can feel what it is like to be in heaven. And I am not even exaggerating; people who’ve had such an orgasm would confirm it. But what if I told you that sex is not the only thing that can give you that level of pleasure and there are, in fact, other alternatives to sex that can do the same thing? Don’t be surprised. 

Apparently, AskReddit has answers to the questions you didn’t even think you had. So here is a compilation of people’s comments, talking about alternatives to sex that provide equivalent pleasure.

1. “One of those really big pressure relieving poops.”

2. “A real good laugh. I mean a real, hearty, can barely breathe laugh. Sadly rare, though.”

3. “A really, really good back scratch from someone when you just can’t reach an itch.”

4. “Alternatively, a cool shower on a hot day and feeling the heat melt from your hair and skin.” – Crash4654

5. “Very rare nowadays (married with kids) but sitting down in comfy clothes for uninterrupted gaming. No chores, no plans, snacks as a plus. The dream.” – KnackeredParrot

6. “Taking a big long piss after holding it in for an age.”

7. “Putting clean, fresh sheets on your bed, and then crawling under them while they’re still cool, enveloping you in that fresh laundry scent as they gently settle around you.”

8. “The joy of realising someone you like loves you.” 

9. “Drinking fresh water when you’re extremely thirsty!” – Angiiiiii

10. “Ever had someone brush your hair? That’ll do it.”

11. “Sleeping in. It’s rare but amazing when it happens.”

12. “Getting out of the car after a long drive that whole body stretch that makes you go all fuzzy and almost fall over.”

13. “Farting away a stomach ache.”

14. “Getting home at the end of a long day, sitting at the edge of your bed, taking off your socks, and vigorously scratching your ankles where your leg hair has been matted down from your socks all day.”

15. “Vacuuming and hitting a spot with a lot of dirt, and then hearing it all get sucked up the tube.”

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