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How to Make an Inspiring Vacation Slideshow

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People go on vacation to recharge themselves and renew mental and emotional balance. When back home, we find it challenging to get tuned to work mode.

In this case, every vacation picture is a specific helping hand to recall these wonderful days and distract from the routine. We capture happy moments and positive emotions on holiday to review them and share with the nearest and dearest. 

Here comes the question of how to organize your footage so that all memorable pictures and videos are kept aesthetically in one place. You can print some photos and put them at home or in the office, but what about other important materials. The best solution is to make an amazing travel slideshow. 

Here, you can apply all your creativity and imagination, using different editing features to convey your vacation’s mood. 

Looks interesting, doesn’t it? But at the same time, it is a bit challenging, so read the article and find all the secrets for creating a cool photo slideshow.

Where to Find the Best Vacation Slideshow Music?

Before moving to slideshow tips, we’d like to specify great platforms for choosing music. Your travel slideshow must be accompanied by appropriate music that conveys the mood of the moment.

A soundtrack makes 50% of your slideshow vibe, so the songs you choose should correspond to its topic. Use energetic and fun music for fast-paced trips with friends, romantic melodies for vacation with your significant other, or instrumental soundtracks for sightseeing.

If you are going to share the slideshow on social platforms, make sure you use royalty-free tracks. So let’s find how to make your vacation picture alive with amazing vacation songs. 

Audio Library 

You can find in this catalog music for creating decent content for posting on the Internet. It has a YouTube channel with copyright-free tracks. Before applying music to your travel slideshow, get acquainted with the rules on the official site.

Royalty-Free Music 

It is a YouTube channel providing access to no copyright music on various platforms. You can find here the best service to satisfy all your needs for slideshow creation. But always read the privacy policy to know the rules and your rights. 

Purple Planet

This library allows free usage of any tracks, but they require you simply credit them in your work. Here you can easily download any track on your device with no registration. You can also support the platform and buy a written quality license. 

Epidemic Sound

People can benefit from a free trial period, but then they have to pay for tracks or buy a subscription. Paying only 15 dollars per year, you can use licensed tracks for your content and connect your social media channels to the library. 

Tips on How to Create Your Vacation Slideshow

These slideshow tips will help you stand out and make an inspiring slideshow that will collect your warmest memories from vacation. You will create an amazing product if you do it with heart and belief in your talent and forces. 

1. Pick Your Style

It is essential to select the topic of your slideshow and decide in what style you will create it. Consider that you will stick to the style when choosing photos, editing footage, applying effects, transitions, and adding music. Style is the basis of your work on a slideshow. 

Let’s learn how to define your style. First of all, consider the place you visit. If it’s an exotic country, the style should be creative, imaginative, sometimes with sophisticated transitions and catchy effects. The soundtrack may be taken from their national songs or unusual music. 

When traveling to America, make your slideshow style correspond to your vacation mood, like megapolis, rancho, or wild nature. And if you visit several countries, try to find a linking element to connect all these places in one style, like love, family, nature, sports, food, etc. 

2. Select the Best Content

In order to produce a cool photo slideshow, you need to pick photos and videos conveying true emotions. You probably have thousands of photos and will try to choose those you look best. But it’d be better to use funny and sincere pictures and videos for a vacation slideshow. 

There are special tools that help people to sort their pictures out. However, the main job is to be done manually. It’s recommended to use up to 80 photos and 5 minutes of all videos in a slideshow.

There should be not only your portraits but different phototypes, including nature, architecture, locals, underwater camera footage, and more other breath-taking content.

3. Edit Pictures 

Once you review all your photos and videos, choose those that need editing to look better in a slideshow. Many think that photo editing may make the image unnatural and too perfect for transferring feelings and emotions. But we want to reassure you that editing enhances the image quality and removes faults.

If you do not know how to edit photos, start from simple things, not over-edit, and spoil the slideshow. Please, pay attention to too dark or too light photos, and edit them to make one tone.

You can make them more colorful or remove unnecessary objects from the background. Video editors like Movavi.com allow to reduce noise and stabilize footage. Do not skip the stage of photo editing, as it’s really important for a cool photo slideshow.

4. Choose the Software

At this stage, you need to select the appropriate software for making your slideshow. There are a lot of decent tools on the internet, paid and free, online and offline. It is challenging to find the software to satisfy all your demands and create a killer slideshow. Firstly, pay attention to programs with a user-friendly interface to understand work principles. 

Some may offer you solely vacation picture creating options, but there are multifunctional platforms, allowing photo editing and free music libraries. It is often a question of money, and expensive software provides its users with rich functionalities. However, you should use a trial period to see if it is worth buying a full version. 

5. Tell a Story

It is one of the most complicated slideshow tips as a person needs to apply all their talent and creativity. Think it through and try to tell an engaging story with your photos and videos. It should not be a pile of random pictures from your vacation accompanied by a funny song. You need to choose a theme of the slideshow like family, love, city, country, and focus viewer attention on it. Use more photos on the topic and select the appropriate melody. 

And it’ll be even more fascinating if you add some captions to photos to guide people through your vacation. By applying smooth and creative transitions, your slideshow will look more coherent and interesting to watch. Generally, let your very vacation picture and short video be a part of the whole captivating vacation story. 

6. Apply Special Effects

Special effects add charm and creativity to your work, so use them wisely. The problem is that people often apply too many special effects or use inappropriate ones and look weird. Here you do not have to try every effect to make the slideshow more absorbing. Limit your usage of transitions and effects and stick to one style. 

Balance animations not to divert people’s attention from your photos. It’s a great solution to benefit from GIF images in your work. If it’s appropriate to your theme, use animated elements like water splashes or sunlight. But the images should look natural and not overwhelmed with unnecessary effects. 

7. Add Intro and Captions

A catchy vacation slideshow attracts viewers from the first seconds, and a title is crucial for an engrossing creation. A dull introduction discourages the audience from watching and makes wonderful moments less appreciated. So here, your task is to make a unique intro, add an interesting title, engaging music, and creative animations. There are many decent templates you can customize and make an incredible intro. 

When adding captions to the slideshow, make sure they are readable and captivating. You can use simple names for places you visited, including dates and some short stories. The animated text will attract people’s attention, but it should be clear and stylish.

8. Share and Make Wait for More

Many editing platforms allow their users to download the slideshow in different formats or share the output on social media. You should make sure there’s no watermark on your vacation slideshow as sometimes free software may leave a mark on people’s works. It can spoil the slideshow if the watermark is large, so be prudent before sharing. 

Once you decide to share a part of your life with people and show them your vacation, think about the future. Do not put too much content in one slideshow as it can be really boring and long. Content will repeat, and it’s not the best option to attract viewers. There should be something not shown and kept for another slideshow or yourself. Your creation should attract attention and spark interest for further views. 


Now you understand that a travel slideshow is an excellent way to collect memorable footage in one masterpiece. If you create a slideshow for posting on social media, ensure all pictures are appropriate and do not reveal much about your personal life.

But if you want to create and watch it for your family and friends, put there anything you wish. We hope that these tips will help you enjoy vacation moments the whole year and enrich your collection of photos and videos with such amazing work. 

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