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Women Body-Shaming: 6 Ways to Respond To It

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Nowadays, women body-shaming is rampant in society–especially on social media. Regardless of age, both young and older women may experience such kind of bullying.

Indeed, body shaming can cause women to lack confidence, but it can be prevented if you know how to respond to it. If you are a victim of women body-shaming, here are six ways of how you can respond to it.

Goodbye Women Body-Shaming

No need to feel bad about your weight or skin color. Just do the following and you will be happier as a person.

1. Always Be Positive.

Being positive is accepting and knowing who you truly are — your looks, size, complexion, shape, or even your entire form. This can make you feel good about yourself. In addition, having this kind of perspective will make you less conscious even if you know that you are flawed. 

Remember, you do not have to be perfect, as no one can be. Instead of being insecure with those model-like bodies being flaunted on social media, think about reality. Remind yourself that the most beautiful and sexiest women on the internet today are imperfect. They just choose to expose their beautiful sides.

2. Be Confident! Face The Crowd.

Sad to say, women body-shaming usually causes victims to hide or cover their bodies. As much as possible, they do not want to draw attention to themselves anymore. The criticisms took away their confidence and ruined their self-esteem. 

Girls must be encouraged to be confident all the time despite their body forms. Unfortunately, even popular celebrities are not immune to body-shaming. But, nevertheless, they choose to ignore those negative comments, and it makes them even more admirable. Their confidence inspires ordinary women to love themselves for who they are and what they have. 

3. Be Responsible and Accountable With Your Body.

When people say something about you, check and evaluate if they are telling the truth. If they say that you are fat and do not look comfortable with your body anymore, that could be true. It is good if you would also consider the comments of people around you.

Of course, it does not mean that you should let others’ standards affect you. You are not required to please anyone. However, you should check for anything positive you can get from your critics. For instance,  being called fat is not just about body shape. It may put your health at risk too. It should let you consider taking care of your body better for your own benefit. Therefore, start to eat healthily and exercise regularly. 

4. Love Yourself More.

The worst person that could bully you is yourself. Of course, this should not be. Instead, you should be your own primary defender against body shamers. It is nonsense to blame yourself for being who you are. Instead, you should fight for your right to be respected and treated equally. 

Loving yourself a little bit more is the key here. To successfully do this, imagine yourself as someone you love the most. How do you treat the most important person in your life? If you know the answer, you may also treat yourself that way.

5. Ignore People Promoting Women Body-Shaming. 

It is better to save yourself from toxic people than to try to please them. Do not entertain people who make sarcastic comments about your body size or figure. Instead of sticking with them, choose to be surrounded by your family and friends who can boost your confidence and accept you for whatever you are

It is also healthy to unfollow toxic people on social media, especially those who bully or make fun of you. Instead, you may follow pages that promote optimism and life encouragements. Overall, just choose to let go of negativity and decide to be happy.

6. Appreciate Your Body.

Appreciating your body is an essential step in accepting your true self. Be content and thankful for what you have. You have only one body, and you must nurture every part of it.

Being grateful for your body means taking good care of it. So how should you take care of your body? Start with keeping yourself healthy and happy. 

Celebrate Yourself Before Women Body-Shaming Culprits

You have nothing to be ashamed of. It is not your problem if others do not like your body color, size, or shape. As long as you are confident and happy with yourself, no one can bring you down. Moreover, women’s body-shaming will soon subside if everyone is aware that a person’s worth is not based on their appearance. 

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