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Spending the Festive Season…but, not in the usual way

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My family and I were really disappointed to hear that our church was closed down a few days ago because of the pandemic, which was unexpected since it’s the festive season. So we can’t even go to church to celebrate the day in the way we usually do. Talk about disappointing and depressing.

Every family is different, and whether you go to church or have some other Christmas tradition, well, don’t lose hope. There is always a way to get around each and every issue. A way to enjoy the day despite plans getting put off for some reason or other. All we have to do is come up with something else.

So make a new tradition.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t always have our own way to do the things we normally do or how we usually prefer to have it done. We have to adapt the way we live and celebrate occasions to what is going on around us. Christmas is no exception to this rule. We can’t just go out and have fun without thinking of the safety of our families and ourselves. Going out to have fun or do something we usually do will not be the best thing to do right now, so I advise everyone to make up a new tradition.

  • Watching Christmas movies with the family.
  • Binge watching your favourite or new series together.
  • Cooking that family dinner together.
  • Playing fun games like twister, board games, etc. Just to liven the mood and chase away the boredom of being indoors the whole day.
  • Face timing with family.
  • Make gift time more interesting by playing fun riddle games. Whoever wins gets to have their presents.
  • Having an outdoor barbeque party just with the family.
  • You can come up with many things to do this festive season while staying at home just to keep you and your loved ones safe. (P.S. the last one to do is my favourite.)

Missing church? Have your very own service at home.

For those of you who are religious and unable to go to church. Don’t worry. Live stream your Pastor’s sermon or do your own sermon/service for your family at home. This will help the family have some bonding time while worshiping at the same time.

Spending time with our loved ones is what matters most during the festive season. It doesn’t matter if you can’t go to public places or celebrate in a fancy way, after all, tis’ the season!

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Nerissa Krijay Naidoo
Nerissa Krijay Naidoo, dedicated wife and mom, spends most of her free time doing what she enjoys most-writing. As a passion and dream of hers, Nerissa has always envisioned her writing to be a source of inspiration to those who read it. When she isn’t writing, Nerissa is usually catching up on her favourite Anime and Superhero T.V. Shows.

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