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Amazing Tips to Have the Ultimate Homecation this Summer

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Now that it’s getting warmer and summertime is finally here, you have probably started to think about taking some days off work and going away someplace to relax and escape reality for a little while. Maybe you’re an adventurer who likes travelling to exotic destinations, or perhaps you’re more into a relaxing weekend at a spa. Whatever your vacationing style is, we’ve got you covered!

We realize that the desire to unwind and make lifetime memories this summer is still very much alive, and that’s why we have created this guide to help you have a fantastic homecation. What is a homecation?

A homecation is just a different type of vacation – one that you have at the comfort and safety of your home, and that you can craft to fit your own taste and budget. It can be as luxurious or as uncomplicated as you wish to make it. That’s the beauty of it – you’re in complete control of this vacation.

To begin

Amazing Tips to Have the Ultimate Homecation this Summer

You must commit to your homecation, treat it like a real vacation. Ask for a couple of vacation days from work, turn off your cellphone, set your email to the “out of office” setting and make plans. Maybe even avoid the news for the duration of your break, as this may be a source of great stress in these times.

If you have any kind of commitment at work or any chores to do at home, get everything done before your homecation. This way, you’re not tempted to interrupt your vacation – something you wouldn’t even consider doing if you went away. This is your time for you, away from stress and everyday routine – make it count!

Set the tone

The most important aspect of your vacation is probably the mood of it. The cool thing is you get to decide everything, so think about what you have been craving lately. Is it kicking back and having a self-care weekend? Or is it experiencing something fun and exciting, like getting to know a new culture or learning a new language? Once you have decided on the tone of your homecation, you can create the environment for it.

If you were looking forward to enjoying endless days at the beach this summer, you could create your own beach oasis in your backyard: grab some towels, your swimsuit, your favorite read, and recreate your favorite tropical drink. Do you enjoy luxurious hotel amenities? You can recreate them too! It’s all about thinking of a theme and crafting your homecation around it.

Stock up on your favorite food

Amazing Tips to Have the Ultimate Homecation this Summer

One of the coolest things about vacations is eating out. Vacationing at home doesn’t mean giving up on this sweet indulgence. If you like foreign food, you can plan to order your favorite plate from a different restaurant each night. If you’re into cooking, what a better chance to make this weekend all about perfecting your cooking skills and trying out new dishes?

You have the time for it, so buy all of the ingredients in advance and have fun experimenting! A lot of people are more into easy-to-make, comfort food – how amazing would it be to have a small campfire on your backyard and make s’ mores with the family? (Scary stories included!)

Movies and books

Have you realized how movies and books can genuinely transport you to a different place or time? There’s no better way to escape reality than by choosing a cool set of movies or books. You can continue with whatever theme you chose for your homecation and select the books and movies to go with it.

If you have kids, you could do a Disney-themed weekend and have a Disney movie marathon of your kids’ favorite movies. You could even dress up as your favorite characters each night! If you’re going to indulge in a vacation-reading binge, pick your most comfortable spot at home, make sure you have the best lighting, and choose a book that doesn’t feel like homework – try a summer blockbuster that can take you miles away from reality.

Try Creativity

Is there something that’s always intrigued you, but you haven’t had time to try it? If this is the case, you can use your homecation to do something new and creative. You could take an online sewing class or a digital art one, for example. What about becoming a nail art expert?

If you’re going to do a spa weekend, you could really get into it and even master your nail art skills. If you have a pet, maybe you’ve always wanted to teach it some cool tricks. You could order some materials in advance and make this an unforgettable weekend with your furry one. Again, it’s all about getting creative and having fun with your themed-vacation!

You are making your home the priority

Amazing Tips to Have the Ultimate Homecation this Summer

As you may have noticed, a homecation is all about your home. It’s all about taking advantage of it and possibly even adapting and redecorating a new spot for the weekend. This can be a permanent change, however! Planning your homecation may make you notice the potential or purpose of a room in your house that you hadn’t seen before. This could be an enjoyable project to get started on.

Perhaps choosing a reading spot for the weekend makes you realize you want to create a permanent reading spot in your home, and you could purchase an amazing new chair or a unique lamp to go with your house’s style. Spending quality time at home will definitely make you cherish your house even more, so what a perfect time to update your bedroom or maybe also paint your kitchen a new color.

Don’t forget to take Pictures

A wonderful thing about vacations is taking pictures and being able to always look back to the memories of that incredible weekend with your family, friends, or partner. Even though you’re going to be at home, you’re going to experience calm and unforgettable bonding moments with your loved ones, so don’t forget to take pictures of your homecation!

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