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5 Vital Things To Consider When Setting Up A New Warehouse

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Whether you’re setting up a new warehouse for a new business or because your existing company is expanding, there are several things you need to consider.

There is much to consider from location to layout, thus ensuring your new warehouse is a functional asset to your business.

Your business will have the perfect warehouse space up and running before you know it by paying attention to essential details.


Virtual Warehouse

Location is vital when it comes to setting up new warehouse space. If it’s your only business premises, it needs to be within a reasonable commuting distance for staff and centrally located for business needs. If it’s additional space, how close to your main offices does it need to be?

Some areas are cheaper than others, so it may make financial sense to be located further away, taking the sting out of the initial cost.


The floor plan of your warehouse has a significant impact on business productivity. A small company can efficiently work with easy to access storage at the back and open space to maneuver and work at the front.

A more complex setup needs to ensure adequate space to allow for safe and efficient workflow. Even the height of the dock door needs to be considered, as the incorrect size or height will impact the ability to receive and load deliveries. Having a rough floor plan drawn up will help you choose the suitable space for your needs.


Virtual Warehouse

How secure a unit and the area around it is should have a bearing on your decision-making process. Warehouses hold a lot of company assets within them, and even with appropriate insurance against theft, any loss has an impact.

Loss of stock and equipment causes delays, and insurance can take time to pay out, putting affected businesses in a precarious position. Choosing a secure location is vital to eliminate the threat of the wrong people entering the premises.


Your new warehouse space needs to suit the needs of your business; therefore, check that the functionality of your site works. Things like having adequate facilities for the number of staff you’ll have on-site and access for deliveries.

A small outfit won’t need much, but a larger company will have more needs. The space should also work with your needs, such as enough space to safely operate machinery such as forklifts. 

Prefab or Purpose-built

Where your new warehouse will be a substantial size, you may consider building a purpose-built unit. Doing so will allow you to house all the business’ warehousing needs in the ideal space, rather than have to compromise. Most companies will find an industrial unit to suit their needs, so this shouldn’t be the go-to option, but it will be the right one for some. 

Before you know it, you’ll have a terrific new warehouse up and running, the dock doors will be correct, and business will be booming. All because you took the proper steps to choose and set up your warehouse correctly.

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