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How to Introduce Zen and Tranquility to Your Bathroom

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Our lives’ tempo has forced us to speed up everything from eating out meals to enjoying the fine moments in life.

Luckily, there are still refuges of serenity and peace where we can retreat to calm our nerves down. One such sanctuary inside your home is the bathroom, which is the ideal place to practice tranquillity. And why not, the Buddhist art of Zen.

The warmth from underneath your feet

Don’t you just hate it when you step out of a warm shower in winter into a cold room? No matter how much you crank up the heat, the floor is still going to feel cold when you step on it. So slippers, a wet cloth, or a floor mat are mandatory.

However, if you decide to install underfloor heating, you can walk barefoot across the bathroom all you want. Natural gas that runs through the narrow piping underneath the tiles will warm up the entire room and save you the storage space a radiator would take up.

Another advantage of underfloor heating is the installation process. It is so simple that you can do it on your own if you know the basics of engineering. Since all the floor tiles have to be lifted, the best time to install underfloor heating is during a major overhaul of the bathroom when you remove the floor.

Unordinary showers

How to Introduce Zen and Tranquility to Your Bathroom

Speaking of taking a shower, there are numerous ways you can improve the overall experience. Replacing the conventional showerhead with a massage one will allow you to alter spray settings. Modern, multipurpose showers offer the ability to change water pressure and the direction of spraying. Once you upgrade the showerhead, you’ll start taking longer and longer showers.

Learn to enjoy bubble baths

You have prepared warm bubble baths before, but have you ever made an effort to truly enjoy them? A bubble bath is an even of its own, and you have to prepare for it; think of it as of date with yourself. Prepare bath bombs, scented salts, fragrances, and scented oils.

To top it all off, turn off the lights and bathe in a candlelit bathroom (or you can use LED lamps). The bath will be more fun this way, as you will feel more relaxed, and your skin will be pampered and moisturized.

All the amenities you buy can be used more than once, and you can store them on the window sill, for example.

A diffuser for essential oils

How to Introduce Zen and Tranquility to Your Bathroom

If you want to turn the bathroom into an oasis of tranquillity, then you need to make the water room fragrant. A spa-like atmosphere is best achieved by installing an essential oil diffuser that would fill the bathroom with fragrances of your choice.

These pleasant bathroom odors would positively impact your state of mind, and you even be able to meditate in the bathroom. Some of the most suitable fragrances we suggest you give a try include mandarin oils, lavender, and eucalyptus. These smells will invigorate and relax you at the same time.

Don’t get rid of the bath

How to Introduce Zen and Tranquility to Your Bathroom

We’ve mentioned several times how taking a hot shower is a pleasing experience, but this doesn’t mean that you should get rid of the bathtub. Even if you don’t have a bath, you should get a new one, as a round or square freestanding bath goes well with every modern bathroom décor.

The reason why a bath should be freestanding is not solely the ease of access. Namely, if the tub is the centerpiece of the bathroom, then the water room appears bigger than it really is, a key detail in a cramped apartment with relatively small rooms.

A fireplace in the bathroom?

People say that fire and water don’t mix well, but if you’re searching for a unique look for your bathroom, then consider installing a fireplace inside the bathroom.

Use the opportunity to install the fireplace while redoing the whole bathroom because it is connected to the same source of natural gas as the aforementioned underfloor heating.

A fireplace in the bathroom is a sign of opulence, as only top resorts feature them. The fire inside the walls (a fireplace is built inside the wall to save space) will thaw your heart and help you unwind after a long day at work as you watch the fire crackle.

Towel power

A towel warmer was considered a luxury just a couple of decades ago, but now it’s a standard fixture in most bathrooms. They are usually mounted on the wall behind the bathroom door, so a towel warmer won’t take up valuable storage space.

When it comes to the towels themselves, they should be made from a soft material, such as cotton (the material most used for towels). If you’re short for ideas, just visit a spa center and what kind of tiles they have (but don’t nick any).

Land of timber

Although wood isn’t a material that goes well with water or humid air for that matter, it should make its way inside your spa-like bathroom. Modular wood tiles can be placed in the shower itself, the vanity mirror can have a wooden frame, or you can repurpose branches and twigs as pegs to hang towels from.

If you’re after a rustic look, then you can replace the tiles with floorboards made from timber. However, don’t forget that the wooden element that goes inside the bathroom needs to be impregnated, i.e., 100% water-resistant.

Creating a green bathroom

How to Introduce Zen and Tranquility to Your Bathroom

A touch of nature is essential for establishing an oasis of peace in your bathroom. Even a single houseplant plant such as bamboo or aloe has the potential to make a room more natural in the sense that you feel at peace inside. The plant would have plenty of moisture from the air, but if you don’t like taking care of it, a fake plant is also a solid option.

Setting the right mood

Just as you would get into the mood for cuddling with your loved one or go out for dinner, the mood should be set before each bath you take. Prepare the room as a pro massage therapist with a cut flower in a vase, a clean set of towels, and calming music. Candles are a must, but if there are children around, then you can use LED light shapes like wax candles.

Dimming the lights

If you’re a fan of romantic baths before bedtime, install recessed ceiling lights (similar to wall scones) that can be dimmed as much as you like. The dimmer will help you soften the ceiling lights to achieve the spa-like feeling every time you soak in the tub. However, the installation of dimmer controls involves complex circuits and electrical wiring issues. It is highly recommended you leave this job to a professional electrician who knows what he/she is doing.

Introducing Zen and tranquillity to your bathroom isn’t particularly hard. You needn’t invest much in terms of money, but you will need to dedicate a lot of time and energy to hit that sweet spot to create an oasis of peace.

The first time you prepare a bubble bath, you will realize what you have missed out on all the years you had a dull, conventional water room. 

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