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9 Amazing Summer Home Makeover Ideas

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It is never too late to start a home makeover in summer. The fine weather now lasts until September, so you should have plenty of time for at least one major home improvement.

However, homeowners are often willing to redecorate their homes, but they lack creative ideas.

If this is the case with your home, we offer you 9 charming ideas to upgrade your home.

Citrus accessories

Summer Home Improvement Makeover Ideas

Summer is the time when flowers blossom and the green markets are full of colorful fruit. You can transport dome of this magic into your living quarters by using citrus fruits to decorate the home. A bowl of lemons or oranges on the dining table is just what your kitchen needs. In fact, you might like this radiant color palette that you will introduce yellow picture frames or orange kitchen utensils.

Move some of the furniture outside

Summer Home Improvement Makeover Ideas

One of the biggest signs that summer has arrived is the fact that you are spending much more time outside. You really ought to move the furniture outside to make the time spend in the backyard more comfortable. Usually, homeowners place a sofa outside so they can lounge on the patio.

If you’re a fan of barbecue, then kitchen elements can also be transported outside. Just make sure that all the garden furniture is protected against the elements, as water damage is your furniture’s biggest enemy.

Curtains waiving like flags

Summer Home Improvement Makeover Ideas

The sunlight can be pretty intense in summer, so thick shades and curtains on the outside are a must. However, curtains outside should be thinner and “flowy,” to describe them as such. Gauze-like panels can be placed on the patio or by the poolside.

Such curtains flutter in the wind like flags, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. In addition, flowy curtains ensure privacy, keep mosquitos checkered, and shield them from the sun.

A counter for the exterior

Having mentioned that certain kitchen elements will end up on the outside, the counter is the best addition to the outdoor kitchen. In fact, a new home design of a double-story comes with a counter, whether on the inside or the outside of the house. The counter can lean onto a faux window to turn the outdoor living space into a beach-like environment.

A beachy residence

Summer Home Improvement Makeover Ideas

Speaking of the beach, apart from visiting it this summer, you can introduce beachy elements to the interior design of your house. Start with striped furniture which resembles beach towel patterns. Further on, a pillow chair is another décor piece that resembles the French Riviera in the 1960s.

Furthermore, a jute rug and light color of the walls (blue or green) will make the inside of the home feel like a beach. You can dnew home design of a double-storeyecorate picture frames with a footrope that you will glue onto the frame yourself. Finally, woven wall sconces are the ideal summertime light fixtures.

The fireplace can still be used

Summer Home Improvement Makeover Ideas

Needless to say, the fireplace won’t be used during summer but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the fireplace. Start by repositioning logs and rearranging candles on the mantelpiece. If you really want to get those summer vibes circulating, get a huge chunk of coral and place it inside the fireplace to signal that summer has come.

Framing a nautical map

If you have ever been on board a ship, then you have probably noticed they have framed charts on the bridge. Over time, such charts came to symbolize seamanship so you can use this summer to hang a similar map over the living room sofa. If you are unable to find real antique nautical maps, you can use a city map to mimic the effect.

An outdoor mirror

Since you are going to spend a lot of time outside in summer, you should make the effort to turn pool houses, sheds, or patios into hospitable places. Hanging a mirror outside might seem odd but it’s the best way to make the exterior of your house appear more homely in summer.

Piling up pillows

Summer Home Improvement Makeover Ideas

There are going to be a lot of seating areas outside in summer. The patio sofa, the chairs of the garden set, a swing, a hammock, lazy bags, etc. You can upgrade every one of these seating options by adding pillows. We are not talking about a pillow or two but a large number of them, so it feels as if you are diving into a sofa instead of sitting on it.

These summer home improvement ideas listed above are creative, yet affordable and fairly easy to implement (can it get any easier than throwing a bunch of pillows onto a sofa). Summertime is the ideal time for a home makeover because the weather outside is fine for months on end. 

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