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6 Different Body Shapes of Women

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Every woman has a different body shape which makes her beautiful in her way. Scientifically the shape of the body depends on the bone structure, fat distribution, genes, age, and muscle mass. Being a woman, you must know that there is no ideal or perfect body shape. Every shape has its uniqueness and should be flaunted with confidence.

The female body is categorized into various shapes, and it is imperative to know about each of them to ensure that you style it properly. 

The broad female body is classified into 6 shapes:

  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Oval
  • Hourglass
  • Triangle
  • Inverted triangle 

Let’s talk about each one of them:

Rectangle, straight, or “banana.”

When your hip or bust and waist measurements are all of the same size or width, then the body shape that comes up is called a rectangular body shape or banana. You can try wearing belted waists, tube dresses, off shoulder tops for a polished look. 

Triangle or “pear.”

When your bust and shoulders are narrower than your hips, then the shape that comes up is called a Triangular or pear shape. You might have a fairly defined waist and slim arms in this shape. Moreover, your waist slopes out to your hips. Clothes that show off the waistline are recommended.


The spoon-shaped body is almost similar to a pear-shaped one. In this shaped body, the hips are larger than the rest. You might have a defined waist and carry some weight in your arms and thighs. 


When your bust and hips are almost the same sizes and your waist is narrower than both and well-defined, the shape that comes up is called an hourglass. You might have rounded shoulders or rounded buttocks. Fitted dresses will suit you the most.

Top hourglass

Considering the shape of the hourglass, your bust is slightly larger than the hips in the top hourglass body shape. A-line skirts, tailored jackets, and flared pants will best suit your body type.

Bottom hourglass

Considering the shape of the hourglass hip size is a bit larger than your bust in the bottom hourglass body shape. 

Inverted triangle or “apple.”

In the inverted apple body shape, the shoulders and bust are larger than the hips. You can consider wearing tops that have shaping around the waist and open necklines or clothing that accentuates your legs.

Round or oval

When the bust size is larger than the rest of the body, the hips are narrower, and the midsection is fuller, then the shape that comes up is round or oval. Flare tops with vertical details are considered perfect for such a body type.


When the hips are broader than the shoulders, with a fuller waistline and a narrow bust, the shape that comes up is diamond. You might have more weight on your upper leg and have slender arms. Boat neck tops or flowy off-shoulder tops will suit your body type.

Wrap up

As a woman, you should know your body type. Although all body shapes are beautiful, there is no such thing as a perfect body type; it’s all in the mind. Take care of your body, and you will look stunning. 

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