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5 Reasons Why Female Leaders are More successful

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Lady boss, female founder, boss babe—you’ve probably heard these phrases, these titles, these badges of honor for women who are running businesses, growing their platforms, and making waves in their industries.

As a female entrepreneur, maybe you love these phrases for what they’re intended to be: empowerment-focused. Or, on the flip-side, maybe you’re sick of hearing them and would rather just be called “boss” or “founder.”

Regardless of where you fall with these titles, as a woman, you value yourself and the women around you for who you all are: bold, resilient, emotionally in-tune, and compassionate.

Reason #1: Women are bold

Because of our natural drive to excel (and often outperform our male counterparts), we are driven to succeed. We are willing to step out of our comfort zones to try new things, be willing to engage in difficult conversations to have breakthroughs, and stand up for what we believe in a society that often tries to tell us what we should or shouldn’t be.

Reason #2: Women are resilient 

One of the reasons women make the best entrepreneurs is that we rise in the face of adversity. That’s not to say men don’t, of course, but women are continually striving for more of a place at the table. Regardless of how many times we’ve been knocked down, we will continue to brush ourselves off, get back on our feet, and fight.

Reason #3: Women are emotionally in-tune

One of the biggest female strong suits is our ability to truly see one another—both sexes. We resonate with the feelings of others. We are quick to have compassion for different experiences. And in every situation, we consider all perspectives in order to bring open communication, clarity, and connection to the spaces we occupy.

Reason #4: Women are compassionate

We understand that everyone comes from a different background, from a different story, and from different trauma. As women, we are able to see beyond the surface of the underlying pain or reasoning behind someone’s decisions or choices.

Are our male counterparts able to do this? Sure! But as women, our compassion is often what guides our decisions. For us, there is no defining line between our hearts and our heads—we follow both with unmatched fearlessness.

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