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10 Ways To Create Your Own Sunshine

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If there’s anything the last year taught us, it’s that we have the ability to control our happiness despite all the chaos around us. We have been reminded to appreciate the little things and learned the importance of keeping them together.

So how can we keep it going in the entire year? Here are 10 Simple Ways To Create Your Own Sunshine:

1) Clean out your phone

Clearing clutter clears space for you physically and mentally. The same goes for your electronics. There’s no point in holding on to conversations or photos that can lead you into a spiral of less-than-happy memories or emotions. Delete and move on.

2) Exude gratitude

It’s one thing to privately journal about what you’re grateful for, but it’s another to make an effort to show people how you feel. That transfer of energy will come back to you. Shout people out on social media. Take the time to send a thank you card. Really say thank you if a random stranger shows kindness. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but those actions will create a chain reaction of positive motion.

3) Curate your social media

You are a product of all that you consume, including social media. Especially in this last year, we learned there will always be something to debate. There will always be someone to judge. “Train” your social media by taking some time to LIKE positive organizations, positive stories, and interact with good people that you love to hear from. The platform’s algorithms will quickly recognize these preferences and curate a new set of programming for you to consume.

4) Build A Calming Command Center

Your home is the new command center for all aspects of life. It’s your office, your restaurant, your school, your gym. So it’s important that it’s functional and conducive to having a great day at the (fill in the blank). Make it so that your workspace flows to avoid frustration. Then give yourself space to decompress from a long day.

5) Dissect the emotion

When you begin to feel negative emotions take over, acknowledge those feelings. Rather than just accepting that you’re “sad,” take the time to understand what you’re feeling and why. Can you do something about it? Great! Do it. Is it something you can’t control? Explore whether there’s something in that equation that you CAN control. Or do you need to grieve? Allow yourself that time and give yourself permission to process those feelings.

6) Sell yourself on happiness

Companies pour millions of dollars in manipulating us to feel a certain way when experiencing their brands. Put those ideas to practice at home. Go into your favorite store that really gives you a rush of endorphins and breakdown why you feel that way. Is it the music? The lighting? The photos or fonts on the wall? Perhaps it’s the type of items displayed? Recognizing these little tricks may help bring a new energy to your home and maybe even inspire you at work.

7) Make tech work for you

There are tons of reasons to “unplug,” but there are ways to use it to your advantage as well. Channels on YouTube play nature sounds on a loop. Other apps like SHINE provide daily meditations, podcasts, and stories to listen to before you go to sleep. Even apps like Tik Tok share short-form relaxation tips and tricks.

8) Save the cheerleader

Keep your positive friends close. Find the people who are in your personal life that have always been the cheerleaders and supporters. Treasure them. Check-in with them regularly and learn from their practices.

9) Look back and smile

Most social media platforms and even phones will compile photos and videos to remind you of what you did that same day many years ago. Take that time to reflect and to take pride in your journey. You don’t have to have a perfect past to show appreciation for all you’ve gone through.

10) Drop by un-announced, sorta

I have a friend in another state that calls me every now and then and only catches up for literally a couple of minutes. It’s always an unexpected treat, and his energy carries with me for a while! It’s a nice gesture. đŸ™‚

Remember that every day is a chance to do something wonderful. So get up and do it! Even if today isn’t as great as yesterday, enjoy it and find something to be grateful for!

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Mary Munez
Mary Angela Munez is a contributor for various lifestyle and industry publications, including the New York Style Guide and Screen Magazine.

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