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What does your Zodiac Sign say About your Parenting Style? Parenting By Astrology

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There is a zodiac sign for virtually everything, so when it comes to parenting, which signs come out on top? That depends on what area of parenting you are looking at. Cancer has amazing motherly instincts and is compassionate, loving, and empathetic. Taurus is practical and reliable, teaching children important lessons about following through with their words. Virgo has amazing organization and scheduling skills, while Gemini is great at communicating with their children.

The Sun sign alone is not the best indicator of how someone will act when they become a parent because the Sun sign typically reflects the public sphere. Further, the house that the sign falls in is a good indicator of how the individual will relate to a given sign. The fourth house governs family life and children. No matter what planet the zodiac is in, the zodiac signs in the fourth house will be the most prominent regarding parent and child compatibility. 

With this in mind, the planet Jupiter and asteroid Vesta typically relate to family life more acutely than other planets used in astrology. They specifically address the home and children, as opposed to the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Parenting by astrology is a bit more complicated than it may appear at first glance due to the various aspects of a birth chart. The main thing to consider is what your ideal parenting style is based on your zodiac sign, as well as the astrological chart of your child. 

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How Can a Parent’s Zodiac Sign Affect a Child? 

It is no secret that some signs are more compatible with each other than others. This is important when analyzing a parent-child relationship from the lens of astrology. Are the signs compatible with each other? Which houses are more or less compatible? Are there any aspects, such as squares or trines, that are prominent in the fourth house? These questions can shed light on the overall dynamics that are likely present in the parenting relationship.

Let’s take a look at some of the typical parenting styles based on zodiac signs and how they might manifest if the parent has these signs in the fourth house.  

  • Cancer Cancer tends to be compassionate, loving, and empathetic in their parenting style. As a cardinal water sign, Cancers are naturally nurturing and responsive to their child’s feelings. 
  • Aries  Aries is great at instilling leadership skills in their children from a young age. They encourage the exploration of new activities. 
  • Capricorn Capricorn goes all-in when it comes to their children and prioritizes education and responsibility. Capricorn parents ensure that their children have all the tools to be successful, demonstrating patience when needed. 
  • Pisces Pisces parents are empathetic, loving, and foster creativity. They can be lenient and flexible, allowing their children to discover things for themselves. 
  • Taurus Taurus parents are known to prioritize family life and teach their children to be trustworthy and reliable. They are patient, generous parents who enjoy giving their children what they need to be happy. 
  • Gemini Gemini parents usually have a childlike nature of their own, allowing them to easily communicate with their children. Curiosity and exploration are fundamental to these parents, as well as a strong foundation of trust. 
  • Virgo Virgo parents are goal-oriented and teach their children how to meet their needs while abiding by rules. They can have high expectations for success, but they do a good job at instilling values in their children. 
  • Leo Leo’s parents are proud of their children’s achievements. Leo’s parents typically provide a social environment and teach their children how to be confident. 
  • Libra Libra parents tend to take a broad approach to parenting, focusing on ethics, arts, and education. They tend to be rather flexible when it comes to their children, avoiding confrontation when possible. 
  • Sagittarius Sagittarius parents allow their children to make choices for themselves, encouraging an open mind and free spirit. Children with Sagittarius parents may find themselves being extremely busy. 
  • Scorpio  Scorpio parents teach their children to stand up for themselves and are rather strict. They highlight the importance of consequences for actions and encourage their children to think things through prior to making a choice. 
  • Aquarius Aquarius parents tend to be random at times, keeping their children’s interest yet distracting them from reaching a goal or making progress. Parents with this sign tend to be rather lax, yet they foster creativity and a sense of personal identity in their children. 

What About Compatibility?

Now that you have a decent idea of how each zodiac sign behaves when parenting, it is helpful to look at which signs are compatible with each other. The zodiac placement of a child will interact with their parent’s zodiac, either benefiting or detracting from the overall relationship. In general, water signs tend to do well with other water signs as well as predominantly earth-based signs. They do not generally get along with fire signs and can be rather neutral to air signs.

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Fire signs and air signs are natural compliments to one another, while water signs are not a good match for fire signs, and earth tends to be neutral.

Air signs tend to dislike earth signs since these signs’ ground their dreams in reality’. Taking a quick look at how many signs are in each element of the child’s chart is a good way to get a general idea of potential problem areas of a parent and child relationship. A general list of zodiacal compatibility follows:    

  • Aries – Compatible with Leo and Gemini. Not good with Taurus or Virgo. 
  • Taurus – Compatible with Virgo and Cancer. Not good with Aries or Gemini. 
  • Gemini – Compatible with Sagittarius and Aries. Not good with Capricorn or Scorpio.
  • Cancer – Compatible with Taurus and Pisces. Not good with Sagittarius or Libra. 
  • Leo – Compatible with Gemini and Aries. Not good with Pisces or Virgo. 
  • Virgo – Compatible with Taurus and Scorpio. Not good with Aries or Leo. 
  • Libra – Compatible with Leo and Gemini. Not good with Cancer or Capricorn.
  • Scorpio – Compatible with Virgo and Taurus. Not good with Libra or Sagittarius. 
  • Sagittarius – Compatible with Aquarius and Aries. Not good with Cancer or Taurus. 
  • Capricorn – Compatible with Taurus and Virgo. Not good with Libra or Aries. 
  • Aquarius – Compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius. Not good with Scorpio or Capricorn.
  • Pisces – Compatible with Capricorn and Scorpio. Not good with Aries or Leo. 

Another thing to watch out for is any square or opposition aspects in the astrological chart. Squared aspects are signs that there is a stagnancy in the area that the square is located in, whereas an opposition signifies a potential problem area due to two opposing energies.

Trines and conjunctions, on the other hand, indicate areas of strength as the signs are acting in harmony with one another. It can be helpful to take into consideration whether or not the parent and child have any aspects in conjunction or trine within the fourth house since this will likely have a strong effect on the overall relationship. 

The Role of Houses and Planets 

Earlier it was mentioned that the house plays an important role in parenting by zodiac sign. The fourth house is responsible for family and relationships, so this is the most important area of the astrological chart to analyze for parents.

Other areas to keep an eye on including the first house, which represents the personal identity, as well as the fifth and seventh houses. The fifth house governs matters of the heart, whereas the seventh house rules over partnerships and cooperation. Raising children can be both an emotional journey as well as a cooperative partnership, making these houses relevant to parenting with astrology. 

The planets decide what context the qualities of each zodiac will be portrayed in, with the sun sign representing the public sphere, the Moon symbolizing emotions, and the rising sign relating to reputation. However, there are many more planets beyond these three that are used in astrology!

There are seven classical planets that were originally used in the practice of astrology and now several more modern additions.

Of these planets, the ones that are most relevant to parenting include Jupiter, the Moon, and Vesta. The Moon governs emotions and the inner world, which are often areas of life that are active in the role of a parent and child relationship. Vesta is a modern asteroid that is thought to relate to the home, which is where most parenting takes place. Jupiter is the planet of order, expansion, and justice, which are important qualities to cultivate in children. Another planet that may influence parenting is Mercury. This planet governs communication and expression, which are vital to building a meaningful relationship with your child. 

To conclude, there is no ‘ideal parent’ astrologically, as the relationship between the zodiac signs and their placement is arguably more important than individual traits, which are present within the signs themselves.

Each zodiac sign has a unique parenting style, which is influenced by the house that it is located within. Furthermore, the aspects found within a chart can determine how the signs are likely to interact with one another, including areas of potential difficulty or ease in the relationship. There is so much more to parenting by zodiac sign than simply looking at the Sun, Moon, and rising placements.  

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