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7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Trying To Impress Others

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Have you ever wondered why do we want to impress others? It’s because we all wanted to feel better about ourselves. We entertain thoughts inside our head that tells us we are not enough. And since we don’t feel like we are not enough, we started doing things that will prove them wrong.

But the thing is, there’s no need for us to show off in order to impress others. If we don’t have the right intention going in, wanting to impress people, we’ll always be under pressure. And if our goal is to be impressive, we’ll always be going to feel like a performer.

Now, I wanted to share with you the “seven reasons why you should stop trying to impress others.” I hope this will help you reflect on yourself and realize your worth.

1. You know yourself better

Why should you stop trying to impress others? It’s because you know yourself better. Please stop trying to prove yourself to others, so that they’ll praise and appreciate you. As long as you know what you’re capable of doing, be it. Let go of all your negative thoughts and believe more in yourself.

Don’t perform for popularity; perform for purpose.

2. It makes you feel unhappy

The moment you try to impress others, you let go of the things you used to love. Why? It’s because you’re doing things for others and not for yourself, and that’s when you become unhappy. There are some things you need to stop doing on purpose. Because if you do, it will kill your joy, contentment, and peace.

3. People don’t care

Actually, the people that you are trying to impress aren’t even paying attention because they are also busy trying to impress others. In other words, they don’t care about what you prove to them. It’s just the demons inside your head that tell you to do so. Better, learn to love yourself more, and let go of the doubts you have for yourself.

4. You forget your purpose

If you’re trying to impress people and do it for the wrong audience, you’re doing it for the improper motive. If you do it for people, you will depend on people for your reward and justification. Remember, you don’t live for other people’s approval. You live for God’s purpose in your life.

5. You lose self-confidence

By trying to impress others, you start doubting yourself. You become more aware of your imperfections and even belittle yourself for not being the best. That’s when you lose your self-confidence, and forget the things you’re actually good at. You’re too focused on the things you don’t have and on what others are trying to tell you. Without thinking that, others can’t do things, but you can, or things they’re good at, but you’re not. People aren’t perfect, so love your flaws.

6. Your’re making yourself a fool

It’s not just the people you’re trying to impress you’re lying to. You’re making yourself a fool by lying to yourself as well. What do you get then, in attempting to impress others? Do you think it’s worth it to make yourself look stupid just so you can get others’ approval and appreciation? If you think so, you’re lying to yourself again. You can make them believe you, but you can never lie to yourself.

7. You fail to please people that matters

Since you so focus on trying to impress others, you forgot to look around and see those who are worthy of your attention. You are blessed to be surrounded by people, and you don’t have to impress and prove your worth. Anyway, it is still best to be with people; you can be who you are.

Remember, not everyone will like you, and that’s fine because there will still be people who can appreciate you without trying to impress them. Stop living for other people’s approval; you’ll end up with anxiety.

Start today, do yourself a little favor, learn to accept yourself, and be who you are in front of others. Value yourself more!

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Marydel Mitch Flores
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