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5 Important Benefits of Hugging

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All our emotions need validation and acceptance. Hug just gives us that. When our sky is falling, we need an arm to embrace. When it’s raining blessings, the warmth of a hug elevates it. When there seems no light, we seek light in the warmth of a hug. When failure traps you, it’s the support of a big bear hug that motivates us to keep moving. In our loneliness and company, hugs are constant.


Hugs are universally reassuring. What’s so special about this action, that time and again we use it to our rescue?

Is it the warm and fuzzy feeling that we get while hugging, or does it go beyond emotions? 

1. Stress buster

Are you stressed? Are you unable to cope up with the events unfolding in your life? Set your worries aside because hugs are your saviour. 

It’s a fact that hugs are instrumental in reducing stress. 

A stressed person, when hugged, feels reassured. This support in the form of touch is very encouraging. Studies show that the more the hugs more is the amount of oxytocin in our body. The relationship between oxytocin and hugs is direct and rewarding.

So whenever you are stressed, just hug the stress out.

Pro tip- Don’t have anyone to hug? Hug your pillow and see it work wonders.

2. Happy pill!

Have you ever noticed smiling faces around you? Did it ever cross your mind that these happy- go- lucky people hug others too often? Yeah, why not. There is a science behind it.

Studies show that people who hug are happier than the ones who don’t hug. So it’s the hugs that keep them more happy and chirpy. This is more evident in the case of women. 

So what are you waiting for? Happiness is just a hug away.

Pro tip- In a relationship, if you feel your woman is usually grumpy, start hugging her more often and see her transform into a chirpy and happy birdie.

3. Fear fighter

We all deal with certain fears in our daily lives. The fear of unacceptance, the fear of rejection, the fear of downfall, and messing up, the fear of uncertainty, the fear of not living up to someone’s expectations, and many more. Some people are literally living most of their time in the fight and flight mode.

These fears strip off our motivation and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. Science shows that hugs are capable of reducing anxiety related to fears. We all have a teddy to which we cling during fearful nights. Don’t we? Bash these fears by hugging someone. Hug and shoo away the fear of low self-esteem and loneliness.

Pro tip– Whenever you are fearful, just hold on to the person closest to you and see your fear vanish away.

4. Pain reliever!

Dealing with pain, both physically and psychologically, can seem to be a daunting task. Nobody likes pain, but it’s the part and parcel of life. Though we can’t guarantee a life without pain, we can make sure that the pain’s intensity is lessened. If I say lessening pain is easy, would you believe me? No, you don’t have to gulp down bitter pills. You don’t even have to undergo complex operations. All you need is a big bear hug.

I am not joking. The science is doing the talking. It’s been proven that humans with nerve pains performed exceptionally well when subjected to therapeutic touch treatments. Hugs are known to lessen the effect of pain. Holding hands of near ones when getting our blood test done is a great example of this claim. Holding hands not only offers physical support but also reduces the pain effect from the syringe.

Pro tip- Next time when you get hit by something, just hug the person available. You will not only feel better but also her another acquaintance in your kitty. 

5. Communication aid

We all have observed terrific communicators. They all are gifted with perfect tone, right poise, excellent choice of vocabulary, and persuasive skills. Striking commonalities between them is they all are great huggers. 

Next time when you fall short of words, just hug and speak it out. Research shows that hugging is a communicative type of touch. A hug can communicate a wide range of sentiments when the tongue fails. When words seem insignificant, hugs come to our rescue. We can convey a wide array of emotions just by hugging.

Pro tip- Wanna propose but can’t find the right words. Just hug and convey the best emotions.

Make a hug your buddy and never experience a dull moment alone. Even if you don’t have a hug-partner, so many inanimate objects can be one of them. Your pillow, your pets, your toys, plants, etc., can be your hug mate. Just look around yourself. Possibilities are endless.

Are you too shy to hug? Start hugging your pillows and pets for a start and then gradually proceed to your family members and pals. Don’t be clutched into touch-deprived societal norms. Even science promotes hugging. Hug it out for peace, happiness, survival, and carrying on life. More importantly, hug it out for constant growth in life. The cherry on the cake, it’s free!

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