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The 10 Most Eye-Catching Ceramic Bowls That You’ll Want To Keep In Your Family For Generations

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If you have to recollect your childhood memories, it will probably include the antique ceramic bowls that were your favorite back then. You can vividly imagine how they looked and the feeling of anticipation when they embellished the dining table. 

Indeed, a good ceramic bowl is beautiful and versatile and just perfect for serving a generous helping of both hot and cold dishes.

Finding the right ceramic bowls for your kitchen can be a challenge. There are so many gorgeous handmade bowls on Amazon that it can be overwhelming to know which ones to choose. So we have made it easy for you. We have selected some breathtakingly beautiful and illustrious ceramic bowls that are set to glam up your dining table aesthetics to the next level. Here are the ones thoughtfully curated for you to choose from. 

1. DOWAN Ceramic Mixing Bowls for Kitchen

DOWAN Ceramic Mixing Bowls for Kitchen

Amazon Review: These bowls are so cute. Whenever people come over, it’s always nice to be able to have serving bowls to level everything up. The depths on the bigger two are great for fruits on the counter or for a family style salad. The smallest is a sweet cereal sized bowl. Perfect for ice cream. I was really pleased with their coloring too. Great set for the price.

Say goodbye to traditional stainless steel and plastic bowls. These bowls are Microwave and Dishwasher safe. These great mixing bowls are large enough for Serving. They feature simple designs with elegant blue and are great to decorate any tableware and kitchen.

2. Farielyn-X 8 Pack Small Ceramic Bowls 

Farielyn-X 8 Pack Small Ceramic Bowls

Amazon Review: “I was in search for small bowls that are similar to what I used to serve steamed rice in Japan. This is exactly what I was looking for! Each of 8 bowls have unique patterns inside and out. While some of the bold color print lack “hand painted” feel to it because of the perfectly symmetric design, at this price point, I am very pleased with the product. Similar sets are sold for a lot more in my local gift shop. Great casual set to serve rice, desserts and other small dish entries.”

Ideal for Soup, Salad, Pasta, Rice, Dessert, Yoghurt, etc, the Farielyn-X 10 oz bowls are made of durable high-fired porcelain, which offers reliable strength and durability. The beautiful patterns with exquisite underglaze workmanship features make each bowl unique. They will enhance your appetite in addition to being decorative.

3. Kook Nesting, Serving & Mixing Ceramic Bowls

Kook Nesting, Serving & Mixing Ceramic Bowls

This set of bowls is perfectly sized for prepping, with a bright pop of color for serving, and nests snugly for space-saving storing. These versatile bowls are perfect for serving saucy pasta, big leafy salads, hot soups, buttery popcorn, and everything in between. These bowls are sturdy, odor resistant.

4. Braque Ceramic Bowls For Kitchen

Braque Ceramic Bowls For Kitchen

Amazon Review: “Love the pattern! And the depth of the plate can contain a good amount of food.”

This set contains 4 bowls with beautiful olive patterns and has a perfect size for cereal, soup, ice cream, dessert, yogurt, fruit, and rice. Deep enough for cereal, salad, fruit, rice, and noodle without splashing out, now you no longer have to worry as they are great for parties, picnics, camping, and everyday meals at home, school, office, outdoors, or traveling.

5. Bico Blue Talavera Ceramic Cereal Bowls

Bico Blue Talavera Ceramic Cereal Bowls

Amaze your guests with an entire collection of your favorite pattern! This Set of 4 ceramic 26oz bowls designed by Bico comes with a glossy and smooth finish, and it can be your perfect choice for both daily household use or hosting grand gatherings.  Sturdy, versatile and fashionable at the same time, these bowls are safe for everyone to use.

6. NJCHARMS 60 Oz Ceramic Super Large Salad Bowls

NJCHARMS 60 Oz Ceramic Super Large Salad Bowls

Amazon Review: “We were looking to replace our stack of large plastic ramen bowls. Turns out that was harder to do than I expected. I couldn’t find anything that was large enough and also everything I saw was super thick porcelain. These bowls are elegant, exactly the large size I was looking for, and sturdy. They make perfect ramen bowls and also veggie cutting/prep bowls, too. Out went the plastic bowls! We love them so much I’m considering ordering another stack.”

Now keep your cupboards always stocked for a dinner party or family meal with the NJCharms serving salad bowls set. With three white serving bowls, you’ll be able to serve chips, dips and anything in between. These ceramic salad bowls are stackable and don’t take up a lot of space in your cupboard. 

7. Hasense 20 Ounce Ceramic Soup Bowl Set for Kitchen

Hasense 20 Ounce Ceramic Soup Bowl Set for Kitchen

Amazon Review: “Just the size I needed for a generous bowl of soup. Seemed sturdy and would last a long time. Packaged securely for shipping.”

The bowl set is designed by a professional designer. Its navy color is matched with elegant horizontal stripes. It looks great on the table, and it perfectly blends in your kitchen. The beautiful glazed surface makes it look glamorous. The almost non-stick glaze makes them very easy to clean. 

8. Selamica ceramic bowls set

Selamica ceramic bowls set

Made of durable porcelain, bring happiness to your every meal with their colorful designs. These bowls can stack well on your cabinet without taking up a lot of space. They are easy to wash with soap or just put in your dishwasher. Coming in a pack of 6, they are enough for the family and all your guests to enjoy together during gatherings.

9. Bico Red Spring Ceramic Dessert Bowls Set 

Bico Red Spring Ceramic Dessert Bowls Set 

Amazon Review: “Love the colors. So pretty.”

This set of 6 ceramic 12oz bowls designed by Bico comes with a glossy and smooth finish and is the perfect choice for both daily household use and hosting grand gatherings. Having a decent capacity and being functional, they are perfect for holding your cereal, ice cream, salad, fruit, and soup, and also save your cupboard space. 

10. LE TAUCI Ceramic Bowl Set

LE TAUCI Ceramic Bowl Set

Amazon Review:I ordered the soup/cereal bowl in ceylon blue. They arrived a few minutes ago, and I add m already living them. They were really well packed and protected, and are the perfect size for everyday use. I bought these because they are microwave and dishwasher safe, and they are really beautiful! The color is perfect (not too dark or light), with a nice glaze to give it light and depth. They are also sturdy without being too thick or clunky, can’t wait to use them.”

Every kitchen should have this dazzling bowl set. Its beautiful glaze adds colors to your meals every time. The surfaces remain free of food residue and odors. It has an ideal weight and gives your hands a comfortable feeling to hold on to.

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