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How to create an Ideal Bedroom According to Feng Shui

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Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging things, is all about channeling the energy of life – chi. It is everywhere around us, and it already affects your life, perhaps not in the right way.

As the bedroom is your most private room, a sacred place where you spend a lot of time passively, you should carefully consider how you arrange it. A bedroom is supposed to be a place where you relax, rest, and bond with your partner.

Take a look at how to sleep better with these simple Feng Shui bedroom tips.

However, be mindful of how you look at the Bagua; it differs from the hemisphere you live in, whether it’s northern or southern. That means that you would look differently at the energy map, no matter where you live.

1. Eliminate clutter

It is well known that there are many ways that clutter harms our mental health, and Feng Shui principles are also guided by this. Clutter is not only an eyesore, but it is also thought to block the natural flow of chi.

According to Feng Shui, clutter prevents us from moving forward in life, and that’s why we should get rid of it. For the optimal flow of chi energy, it’s important to be neat and organized. That means that clothes should be neatly arranged in your closet and the door of the closet closed. You shouldn’t pile up books on your nightstand as well as keep things under your bed. 

2. Consider the bed position

The position of the bed is crucial when speaking about Feng Shui. An ideally placed bed would allow you to see the door, but it wouldn’t be directly in front of it or in line with it. The explanation behind this Feng Shui theory is that having the ability to look at the door from the bed makes you feel safe and allows you to relax and sleep well.

Moreover, you should be careful about the foot of the bed – it also shouldn’t point toward the door because it disrupts the flow of chi. As far as the head of the bed is concerned, it should be placed against a wall and not under a window. 

3. Feng shui colours

The colours are a quintessential aspect of Feng Shui. Warm colour shades such as those resembling skin colour are considered to be soothing. These include different beige, cream, peach, coral, and cocoa shades. Cool colour shades that include light blues, greens, and lavender are also a possibility, although some people think that too many of these shades can impede relaxation.

The best combination would include a balance between these two types of colour. If you wish to Feng Shui your bedroom, you should definitely consider the prevailing colours in your bedroom. Unless they are some of the previously mentioned ones, you should consider hiring some North Shore painters who will do a professional and thorough job for you. 

4. Avoid electronics in your bedroom

Electronic devices such as TV, computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops should be banned from the bedroom. They are believed to have a bad effect on our rest. They stand for keeping us awake and using up a lot of our energy. Nevertheless, if you can’t avoid them, make sure to hide them well. 

5. Don’t bring in work and exercise gear

Similar to the previous aspect, bringing in work and exercise equipment disrupts the flow of chi. Work and sleep don’t go well together and that’s why we should avoid making our bedroom a work area as well. In order to be able to rest well, you should keep your work out of your bedroom. The same goes for exercise gear as it emphasizes wakefulness. 

Pay attention to numbers

Numbers also play an important role in Feng Shui. This theory says that you should have everything double in your bedroom. That means two nightstands, lamps and other features. It would also be good to incorporate oval-shaped furniture rather than furniture with sharp edges.

Apply these few simple tricks to your bedroom, allow the natural flow of chi energy, and you’ll surely sleep better, relax and rest more as well as bond with your partner on a higher level. 

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