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Feather PJs – An Ultimate Cheat Code to Modern Style

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We live in a high-paced world where everything changes in split seconds. Moreover, we constantly get influenced by so many channels, experiences, recommendations, and possibilities that it’s hard to understand what exactly we need right now. The same things are happening in the fashion world. And the only constant notion in that scene is style.

Fashion trends come and go but if you have a taste for good clothes – you won’t ever get out of style. Modern brands more often try to create something stylish and tasteful rather than fashionable and it shows.

For example, if you follow some of the fashion labels, like the Sleeper brand, you will notice that they offer pretty unique designs that are not exactly seen on every corner. And that is their advantage.

If you look at it from a different perspective, style is something that comes from within. It’s a unique manifestation of one’s personality. And that’s why fresh, unique clothes are more in the focus of the public right now.

They show a story and maybe this story is yours too. Besides, these clothes are usually done with extra care, which adds up to their quality. And while some of them may not represent your taste completely, they still might be a great addition to your closet.

Let’s take Sleeper’s Party Pajamas as an example. These are cool and elegant sets, especially for a fancy party or a romantic date. However, their possible implementation is not limited to those occasions.

The whole fuss about these pajamas is that not only are they comfortable and diverse, but they can also be greatly combined with other clothes which brings a lot more outfit possibilities to your wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly can be done with those suits.

Feather Trim Pajama Set You Just Need in Your Closet


Sometimes when you buy an outfit you just can’t imagine wearing it apart. It’s just stuck in your head the way it is. However, that’s not the deal with Sleeper’s Party Pajamas.

As the brand decided to create something unique, something that would perfectly combine high levels of comfort and sophistication, it created clothes that are very practical as well. First of all, it’s already quite a revolution that something so casual as loungewear can be worn to places beyond one’s home. Furthermore, these clothes can be even worn on multiple occasions:

  • Parties
  • Clubs
  • Business meetings 
  • Brunches
  • Romantic dates
  • Sleepovers
  • Walks in the park, and anywhere else.

There are no limitations to when you can throw your pajama suit on and just enjoy your life in comfort. 

The secret behind such an ability lies in the design. The feather pjs, included in this collection, are distinguished by an elegant vintage-inspired design which makes it to be a perfect outfit for special moments and celebrations. It’s also quite minimalistic, even having such a chic detail as feather cuffs, which, besides, can be easily taken off the set if needed. This feature is the one that allows combining the parts of the pajama suit with other clothes.

As there are no overloading details, both the pants and the shirt can be paired up with anything from your closet: from cardigans, crop tops, and shirts to jeans, skirts, or trousers. Having been combined with other casual clothes, the Sleeper sets can create numerous variations of outfits that fit in any setting of your life.

That’s why we say that unique clothes are much better than trendy options. They do not go out of style, and only make your closet better, adding to it much more than any other item.

What Else if not a Pajama Set?


Even though we love a good elegant feather pjs suit, it can not be exactly for everyone. We are all different, we have different tastes and preferences. Luckily, as being all about versatility, Sleeper has a lot of other options to offer to the connoisseurs of style. 

If you like the idea of wearing pajamas wherever you go but need something simpler and maybe more summer-friendly, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the offers of the brand’s Summer Market collection.

A Rumba linen set will be perfect for this season’s weather as well as give you the same opportunity to mix and match the two-piece suit as you would do with the feather trim pajama set. You may also like the playful yet elegant Baccara linen jumpsuit. With this one in your closet creating a complete outfit will be easier than ever. And it also comes in all the fun colors too, such as pink, lime, lavender, blue Vichy, and even a sunflower pattern.

If you are more into different skirts or gowns, you will then like the variety of dresses represented in this collection. As with any other Sleeper outfit, these too give you the perfect combination of style, elegance, and comfort all at once.

How to Find my Perfect Style?

There is no one definite answer to this question. Once again, style is a matter of self-representation. Your clothes can be a way to represent your personality and show your taste. That’s why you can’t force any particular style onto yourself.

It will only stick to you if you feel like it represents you in some way. Everything comes down to the importance of listening to yourself. Notice which clothes make you feel more comfortable, which ones give you confidence, and which don’t bring anything to the table.

Play around with outfits – style is art, there are no particular rules. However, it is better to choose practical clothes. They will be easier to match with other items. It’s also a good idea to think about your preferable color palette. And maybe start with searching up brands like Sleeper – they may give you such a needed inspiration for your future fashion journey.

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