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10 Best Instagram Couples To Follow

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Love binds us! Every couple has those special activities they love cherishing together; whether it’s cooking, exercising, cleaning, binge-watching, or planning #instagramworthy gateway to inspire other Instagram couples, these couples are taking #relationshipgoals to an entirely different level.

Here are the ten best power couples who have been ruling Instagram for a long time. From sharing mush pictures to surprising each other, these picture-perfect couple moments and slices of their everyday life define their relationships.

Best Instagram Couples To Follow

Epicaro (Cheetah and Rhiann Platt) 

If you are a yoga/dance lover and want to see more of it now and then, this page of AcroYoga showcases the complete gallery of such jaw-dropping poses. Not only this, the couple is known to love traveling. They want to travel everywhere in the world and get married around the world. This is really inspiring. The number of weddings that they have already done in various places of the world is 58.

Adventurefaktory (Mitch Hyde and Thuymi Do)

We always fantasize about a full-time job that pays us to travel. This couple has made this fantasy a reality. In the year 2016, the couple traveled to 18 countries. Make the world aware of the same with the blog, which is named Adventure Faktory. Once you visit this page, you will see a lot of adventures like scaling a mountain, roping activity across a valley, or sitting together at a poolside.

Weareeaton (Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton)

If you want to learn about some health freaks, then this couple sets a great example. This incredible couple influences people by posting pictures of healthy food that they had preferred when doing activities like mid-jump, River rides, etc. These healthy habits by people positively influence the audience. The couple might be the retired professionals of athletics. Yet, they do not miss any chance to put an impact on the audience that follows them.

Theyogacouple (Ashley Cottrell and Mathew Micheletti)

When it comes to you, the couple set a great example by being fantastic yoga instructors. At the same time, they demonstrate various asanas that directly impact mind, body, and spirit. The couple has two yoga studios, and Matthew is experienced in fitness regiments as well. People have started calling them the Yoga couple because they travel worldwide to teach yoga to people. They exhibit their experience by posting videos and photographs on Instagram.

The adorable lesbian couple (Vanessa and Melanie)

Vanessa and Melanie are some of the cutest lesbian couples that prove Instagram with their amazing pictures and awareness about the culture among the people. The couple uploads a mixed bag of images containing their fun family photos and the activities they do together to entertain themselves. Once you visit their page, the vibe will make your day brighter and happier instantly.

Marriage Goals (Kelli Murray Larson)

A California-based Insta couple gives you a romantic and cherishes vibe. Stylish husband, a free spirit wife, and three adorable kids- a healthy dose of adorableness. They have one of the best couple pages on Instagram.

360honeymoon (Candace and Spencer Austin)

The couple got married with the potential of traveling to the world and naming it as their honeymoon. Currently being in South America, The Adventure began in the beautiful country of South Africa from where they visited Europe, the United States of America, and Central America. The couple seems to have a great interest in wildlife as their Instagram always talks about the same. The count also contains some pictures related to a healthy lifestyle and the ways in which they embrace than you think that come up to them.

Maxandlizacro (Max Lowenstein and Liz Kong)

The couple forms a sensation in the industry of yoga by being The Yoga instructors in Dallas. The couple is also seen making incredibly jaw-dropping postures that encourage the young generation to follow their activities and indirectly a Healthy lifestyle. The couple is seen exhibiting their talents to the world with various backgrounds, sometimes painted, sometimes a brick wall, and sometimes some Mandala art.

Dreamteam.fitness (Amanda Wallander and Jesper Lekland)

The beautiful couple belongs to Sweden and is known for their tagline called Train Together stay together. The couple shows mind-blowing activities on their Instagram page that motivates the audience about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The couple is also observed to post specific gym pictures that you will find super cool and super awesome.

Jasonandchelsey (Jason and Chelsey Magness)

Jasmine and Dawoud’s relationship had a whirlwind beginning that transpired into something that can only be described as being “couples goals.”  Jasmine Fares is a fierce fashion-driven Canadian content creator whose social platform is used to showcase aesthetically pleasing outfit inspiration as well as shamelessly celebrating her relationship goals with her husband, Dawoud.

Their “meet-cute” moment was when they innocently met at his restaurant, only to get engaged six months later. The couple then started a YouTube account while traveling before getting married. Their content ranges from educational to beauty to DIY, not to mention, they are gorgeous.


This is everything that you need to know about picture-perfect Instagram couples. You can get inspired by their stories and make them your role model for whatever activity you are interested in. Unlike other random people, they provide Instagram with some valuable content. Ultimately, these couples are making the best use of social media platforms like Instagram.

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