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What Can You Learn From “Legally Blonde” as a Girl Studying Law?

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Released in 2001, Legally Blonde has been an influential film for law students across the United States. Many upcoming attorneys always imagine how successful they want to be in the legal industry, so they endeavor to find inspiration from different sources.

Since Legally Blonde demonstrates the journey of Elle Woods up to the courtroom, you can learn some practical lessons from it. The lessons relate to how university life is in terms of relationships with professors and fellow students. 

The professors can be tough

During her first class in law school, Elle was asked to answer a question but was kicked out because she could not answer. Professors can point at you randomly to answer questions, so it is important to be always prepared. It can be stressful because professors can scare you as they expect correct answers. Some can embarrass you in front of the class after making even pronunciation mistakes or failing to answer a question altogether. 

Such situations can make you spend a lot of time terrified, especially in the first year of college. Some are even more strict in essay writing, but the good thing is that it is easier to meet their requirements by following the writing guidelines. You can always go through a law essay writing guide to improve your writing skills. The idea is to pay attention to the peculiar aspects of the law essays and organize the information well. 

Law school life is not easy

The ‘Legally Blonde” movie captures the fact that you can feel out of place at the beginning of your course in law school. The classmates in a typical law school class may differ because of their backgrounds and upbringing. It is normal to feel out of place but the good news is that you may not be the only victim of such circumstances. The first year may be all about trying to adapt and changing your perspective about being a student. 

Some schools allow pets

The movie reveals situations where Elle could walk around with a bruiser, which is so realistic. As a pet lover, you may want to consider joining schools that allow pets. Taking a pet for a walk in between lessons is an excellent idea because it allows you to relax or unwind. Studying law is involved as it entails taking regular lectures and writing essays and assignments. Law tasks can be overwhelming, especially if you always carry your pet to college – the pet requires care and attention. In such a case, you can find international law assignment helper by AssignmentBro, so there will be no need to worry about strict deadlines. The professionals are trained and experienced, so they can create unique and custom legal papers with proper structure, formatting, and citation. 

Students with no legal background can study law

Some schools in areas such as medicine require students to have some medical background for them to be enrolled. This is not the case for law schools- students from other backgrounds are eligible to pursue legal courses. You can find people with fashion merchandising degrees like Elle or literature, history, mathematics, biochemistry, among others. People who have previously been to drama schools have decided to study law courses and have become successful attorneys. 

Some popular law schools consider applications from any undergraduate majors, although they favor students with a college education. Even without a legal background, you can study law and enjoy various career options such as commerce and industry, politics, social work, and more.

Law is dominated by men

Legally Blonde reveals circumstances under which Elle Woods failed to complete her internship since it was difficult for her to be taken seriously. Elle was left to complete simple tasks such as making tea, taking notes, picking up food for lunch, and so on. In the movie, Elle is left to deal with self-doubt and is outnumbered by many male students in the law school. A report revealed that women make up only 30% of lawyers in the United States

A support system can simplify the lives of students in law school

In Legally Blonde, adults are divided into small groups, after which they introduce themselves. The ice-breaking idea and the subsequent activities can be frightening and painful, yet it is important. Whether you have social anxiety or not, you need to pay attention to school orientation as a way of making friends. Psych yourself up during orientation and discover your personality as you interact with your peers. 

Making friends in law school is one of the most practical survival tactics because friends can act as your support system. 

You will need friends to join discussion groups with, share interests, and even celebrate achievements on campus and beyond. 


Legally Blonde film has lots of practical lessons that can make your life easier when studying law. The film lets you understand the character of professors and how difficult life can be in law school.

You also learn what schools allow, the requirements to study law, and the importance of support systems and friendship in your life. Watch the film several times and gather more insights about studying law as you apply those lessons. 

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