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What Do You Need to Consider in a Model Shoot

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The job of a fashion photographer is considered one of the easiest. After all, he works with professional models who look great, know how to pose well, show the right emotions, and do not hesitate to do everything possible to get a winning picture. If you dream of becoming a fashion photographer or want to start working with models, here are a few things you need to know. It turns out that being a fashion photographer is not so easy as a result.

By the way, the boudoir genre is very popular now, and models are often needed for it too.

Skylum’s blog has many interesting articles, including about boudoir poses for plus size; read it and get inspired.

A model must look like herself in the photo.

Models have to look good to be hired, but they have to come to the casting with a portfolio and pictures on hand. The pictures must look like them. Here we will provide you with the following suggestions:

  • Always ask what kind of image is required. Often agencies will let you know if you work with them, or the model herself can tell you.
  • Makeup and hair shouldn’t be too flashy or carnival-like, just well-styled, clean and pretty, so don’t worry if you see the model brought too little makeup with her.
  • If you’re working with a makeup artist – start the shoot with simple and natural images and continue with more complex ones, leaving the brightest makeup for the end of the shoot.
  • You should also bring the images to perfection in the editor. Even though models should look like themselves in the pictures, they want portfolio photos without wrinkles, freckles, and other imperfections that makeup can’t hide. All of this should be edited as if the picture were going for a poster or advertising.

For example, Luminar Neo is the perfect tool for quickly and easily removing skin imperfections and highlighting beautiful facial features. Its FaceAI feature allows you to remove imperfections such as blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles with a simple click. With this feature, you can achieve stunning results that usually take hours with other photo editing software.

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The model knows her strengths.

It’s widely known that the face is asymmetrical. Models can almost always tell you which side they prefer to see in photos. Compared to other clients, they just take a lot more pictures. By asking the model before the shoot which side she’d rather be photographed on, you’ll be choosing the light and locations where the model can turn that particular side. No model is going to like her pictures from the worst side, so you’ll just be wasting your time on this type of photo shoot.

Models are usually okay with shooting full-face. But you can also shoot with a slight twist if the model is uncomfortable. All of the above only matters if you are shooting for a model’s portfolio. If you are shooting for a magazine or other client that hires you, their wishes take precedence over the models.

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A good hairdresser and makeup artist

It can be advantageous to know a makeup artist and a hairstylist. Most models and actresses prefer makeup and styling in a photo shoot package unless they have someone who works with them all the time.

Don’t grab the first makeup artist you see because not everyone is a professional and not everyone uses professional quality cosmetics. Before you recommend them to your clients, look at their work and make sure you like their work with the models. Make sure they are a good personal fit with you and your models, as you will be working closely together throughout the photo shoot. You should also consider a package option for the photo shoot, which will include hair and makeup.

Looks to suit their model’s needs

Always ask models what kind of shots they want. Usually, they may want fitness-style, swimsuit, open-face, glamorous, and professional shots. Knowing this, you can specify shooting locations for a variety of stylish photos.

Depending on the city you live in, the fashion industry may be focused more on catalog shoots or high fashion. Clarify how many bows your client will get for your price; in other words, how many closet and makeup changes there will be. 

How and how many photos to edit is up to you, but it would be better to provide several images of each look so that the model and her agent can choose from them and decide which ones to include in the model’s composition. You don’t have to shoot each look in a separate location. Often studios can provide the perfect setting for a model who can pose and move.

Models need direction

Models are creative people with their vision, too, so be open to that. They’re not like regular clients who need to be told what to do all the time, but they need some direction from you.

You need to know some winning poses to shoot, both casual and dramatic. You have to know the poses that will show the customer more winning and slimmer, and you have to know how to get the necessary emotion from the client. Keep them engaged throughout the shoot and provoke them to move as much as possible.

A good model should know that after every click of the camera shutter, she has to move. If she doesn’t, suggest she tilts her head a little, turns her chin, or does something else. Otherwise, you risk getting hundreds of the same shots.

During the shoot, you should also watch out for hair flyaways and makeup and know when she needs to put on lipstick during the shoot. You can combine all of the above tips with ideas for boudoir poses for plus size on Skylum’s blog to get great photos.

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