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7 Reasons Why Women Love Luxury Handbags

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Do you have a bag fetish?

If yes, then you are not alone.

More than 90% of women love to buy expensive bags. They are the second most closet item that women love after diamonds. Most women dream of purchasing one designer bag in their lifetime. Many women even save money in their lifetime to buy that one bag. 

Have you ever wondered what’s so great about bags that women fall for them more than men? Women love to dress up in the best possible way, and to complete their look; they carry handbags. 

Let’s see the reason behind women’s love for handbags. 

Reasons Why Women Fall For Luxury Handbags 

Highly trained artisans design those expensive designer bags using quality materials so that they last longer. Women consider a bag as a style statement which enhances their personality. Here are a few reasons why women love expensive bags:

Lasts A Lifetime 

Bulky Bags

Expensive handbags are made up of high-quality material, and thus they long last. Even when used frequently, it remains as such for a long time. The durability of the bag makes it even more precious to women, 

Retains And Exceeds Value 

You must have seen influencers considering their handbags as their investment. This is because the price of luxury handbags tends to appreciate by thousands of dollars after several years. However, the price of other properties decreases with time; the bags remain valuable even if they are kept on the shelf.


The look of the luxury bags adds grace to the overall personality of the women, and that is one reason why women love to carry expensive handbags. Normal handbags may go out of trend, but the trend of luxury bags never gets out of date.

Work Of Art

women's handbags

Luxury handbags are expensive because they are not only functional but also because they reflect the artwork. These bags are created by professional artisans, and they curate them, keeping the aesthetic, quality and functionality in mind.


Luxury bags are exclusive, and they are not made in large quantities. Only a few exclusive pieces are available, and one must wait longer to get hold of these bags. This is one of the primary reasons why women love designer bags. Luxury brands make a limited quantity of their bags to keep their value in the market. Thus you will not find these bags in any store.

Valuable Reward

Owning a luxury bag is also a status symbol. These bags show that you are successful. Women purchase these bags after achieving a milestone success in their life or when they want to award themselves with something nice.


Women do not purchase bags only for functional purposes but also for their value and reflect their social status in society. They complement their attire with the bag to look classy. A simple dress with a classy bag makes them feel and look rich.

Wrap up

Handbags are women’s best friend. They reflect their style and personality, and it shows how sophisticated their taste is. Thus if you have been eyeing a luxury handbag for a long time, it’s high time to purchase it. Happy shopping. 

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