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How to Make Money on OnlyFans: Guide for Girls

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OnlyFans is no stranger to many people in 2022. The platform that found fame in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic has blossomed from obscurity into a huge income source for millions worldwide. Yes, OnlyFans allows anyone from any place to register an account and charge “fans” a subscription fee to access their content. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a high-society LA model or a small-time chic trying to pay her bills; you can earn substantial income on OnlyFans.

Today, a wide range of entertainers are registered on the platform, from A-list adult entertainers and musicians to exotic dancers. A typical example is Mia Khalifa. The former adult film star who dumped her porn career and moved over to OnlyFans made more money in the first few weeks than she ever did in porn. Mia Khalifa has stated that she makes over $10,000 daily on the platform.

But that’s one story. OnlyFans is giving every young girl a chance to make money for herself and, more importantly, on her own terms. If you want to be this girl, follow this one-stop guide for girls on how they can earn on OnlyFans. Continue reading…

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Place a Subscription Fee

One of the most popular ways people earn on OnlyFans is by subscription. From as little as $4.99 to $49, you can charge your subscribers a monthly fee to access your premium content. So if you are confident in your skills as an exotic dancer or adult entertainer, you can make your account subscription-based.

Thankfully, OnlyFans is very generous and allows you to keep 80% of all earnings generated from subscriptions while they take 20%. Because of this, many popular British onlyfans models and girls from around the world easily make 7 figures on this platform.

Messaging Fans Directly

Subscription is not the only way people earn money on OnlyFans. The platform makes it such that anyone can have an open account that fans can subscribe to for free but still charge for special content. The idea is to message your fans directly with unique offerings such as Locked Posts, Pay-Per-View Messages, OnlyFans PPV Messages, and Locked Messages.

These messages can come in audio, photo, and video formats; all hidden behind a paywall that asks for a one-time token fee. Once the subscriber or “fan” pays for exclusive access, the content is then unlocked.

Start a Tutorial Series

Yes! This is another solid way for girls to earn on OnlyFans. So do you have something that you are quite passionate about? If your answer is YES, you might just be looking at a gold mine. Now, it is true OnlyFans does not have any exclusive widget or feature for making tutorials, but you can design yours. First, you need to pick a niche you are very good at. It could be issues around dating, relationships, self-care, or even spiritual subjects.

Next, start “content overload,” where you bombard them with content on these topics. They should absorb as much content as possible so that they now consider you a thought leader in that field. Then, every once in a while, you can point them to a digital or physical product, or whatnot outside of OnlyFans.

Make Paid Posts


Paid posts work almost the same way as direct messaging your subscribers. The difference between the two is that with paid posts, you can run a free OnlyFans account to build subscribers fast. Keep this model up until you’ve built a large subscriber base. The idea is that people are more akin to subscribing to a profile when they can get quality content for FREE.

So, after you have achieved an ideal subscriber number, you can start throwing in a few premium contents. But you don’t stop giving out free stuff. What you may do is that for every 20 free posts, you insert a special paid post or two. You keep things natural without looking like you are about to extort your fans. 

Organize a Fundraising

Fundraising remains the least-talked-about way to generate income on OnlyFans, yet it is one of the most lucrative. OnlyFans also champions philanthropic endeavors with a special feature dedicated to that purpose. OnlyFans’ fundraising feature allows users to start a crowdfunding campaign for any range of causes, including medical assistance, tuition, or other known acts of charity.

The feature is super intuitive and you only need to set a goal and nudge people to come on board with you.

Starting Building Your OnlyFans

We’ve just learned 5 ways to earn money on OnlyFans as a young girl. The trick, however, to nailing it on OnlyFans is content. QUALITY and QUANTITY are important, so both should never be in short supply. The more content you make, the more you understand your audience. This will even put you in better standing to learn better ways to make money with your account.

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