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5 Reasons You Need A Buckwheat Pillow In Your Home

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Sleep is a very important part of your physical health and overall well-being.

Studies show that it’s recommended that you sleep for at least eight hours every night to allow your body and mind adequate time to rejuvenate.

However, many factors are needed to be considered for you to have a good night’s sleep, such as a conducive quiet room, appropriate room temperature, comfortable bed, soft beddings, and a sleep-inducing pillow.

One kind of pillow that provides comfort and support is a buckwheat pillow. It’s a must-have if you’re aiming to fall asleep soundly.

Buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls that enhance air circulation, which keeps you cool throughout the night. This kind of pillow originated from Japan and gradually gained its popularity across other countries.

Compared to other traditional pillows, buckwheat pillows are a bit pricey, but the comfort and durability it brings – justifies its price and proves value for your money.

If you’re still uncertain about choosing a buckwheat pillow, here are some reasons to convince you that it’s the right choice.

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1. It Reduces Neck And Back Pains

Sleeping should energize your body after a day’s work, but if you’re not having a good night’s sleep because of your neck and lower back pains, then something must be wrong.

Lack of sleep plus the uncomfortable feeling of stiffness can hamper you from carrying through your everyday tasks and responsibilities.

You can try using quality buckwheat pillows that work perfectly to support your spine and maintain the right sleeping posture to reduce the chances of neck and back pains that you often experience when waking up.

Keep in mind that you should get used to sleeping in the right position while you’re still young because when you start to age, your bones, joints, and muscles will start to deteriorate, and you’ll be more prone to these pains.

2. It Is Flexible

Buckwheat pillows are flexible to use; you can use them for all sleeping positions. It also adjusts depending on the person’s body shape.

Furthermore, it has a zipper to give you the option to add or lessen the amount of filling that would suit your level of satisfaction and comfort. Being able to customize your pillow is an excellent feature for those who want to maintain good posture even while sleeping.

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Moreover, with the option to adjust its height, you can wake up feeling refreshed because it lessens the time that you need to look for the most comfortable position at night.

3. It Is Durable

Buckwheat Pillow

Purchasing quality pillows can break the bank as they can become costly. But choosing to buy cheaper pillows may not genuinely cost you less due to their low quality and less durability.

You might end up buying more pillows in the long run. That being the case, you should consider investing in buckwheat pillows. It lasts longer than the traditional pillow in the market. This is because of the quality of the materials used internally and externally. 

The fillings of this pillow are made of buckwheat hulls that are durable, and it takes a lot of time before such filling decomposes as long as you give it the right care and proper use.

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Also, the average lifespan of a buckwheat pillow lasts about ten years. Such durability separates it from the pillows that we were used to be using, which are usually made of substandard materials.

4. Enhances Air Circulation

Oftentimes we wake up at night drenched in sweat and clueless why that’s is happening even though the temperature is just right.

You should be aware that this is caused by the fillings that were used for your pillows; it wasn’t designed to let the airflow properly, thus making you sweat all throughout the night. 

Fortunately, buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls that don’t retain heat because of their structural characteristic, which allows air gaps in between the hulls, and these spaces never get flattened even with the weight of your head and body.

In addition, while other companies use gel layers in memory foam pillows, it’s not that effective for other people. It has a minimal cooling effect because memory foam pillows and gel layers are not breathable.

Buckwheat pillows have breathable cotton fabrics that allow them to have some cooling effect. So, if you want to avoid flipping your pillow every five minutes because of sweat, then it’s high time that you purchase your buckwheat pillow to enjoy the quality sleep that you deserve.

5. It is Nature-Friendly

Many products claim that they’re eco-friendly, although most of the time, it’s just part of a marketing strategy.

For instance, synthetic pillow usually claims that they’re environmentally friendly, although synthetic fabrics pile up in landfills and add pollution to seas and oceans, destroying sea life, wildlife and even contaminating our foods.

A buckwheat pillow is truly sustainable as its buckwheat hull fillings are biodegradable, allowing it to have a minor impact on nature.

Therefore, if you want to make a small contribution to preserving nature, then buying a buckwheat pillow can be a great idea.

To Wrap Up

It’s important to note that having the ample rest that your body needs to be mentally and physically ready for the challenges of life the next day is very crucial.

To achieve quality sleep, you need to consider several factors, such as the ambiance of your room, a comfortable bed, soft beddings, and, most importantly, a high-quality pillow. 

As mentioned in this article, buckwheat pillows may be a bit more expensive than other traditional pillows. However, the comfort and satisfaction it brings are really worth every penny. 

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