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How to Be More with Less? Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle

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A minimalistic lifestyle consists of living with less yet feeling happier at the end of it.

In this busy world, everyone is running helter-skelter. The never-ending race starts early – school grades, higher-education admissions, competing for a job and continues into the workplace – better position, nicer cabin, more money, and into the personal space – larger house, bigger TV, latest gadget and so on.

If you know someone retired from his job – chances are he’s thinking about the past, regretting things he could have achieved during his prime.

Basically, one spends a whole lifetime of wanting more and more.

Still, are we fulfilled in the life we are leading?

Have you paused to make sense of this desire to accomplish?

Have you taken time to enjoy things you’ve bought or gained?

In all this humdrum, we are missing out on life, those fleeting moments when the sun is setting & the sky is a kaleidoscope of colours, the ginger tea smelling divine on a rainy day. Did you just miss the parrots on the tree outside?

We delude ourselves when we think – tomorrow, I will sit back and do all that.

Because when we are old, possibly, we may not be in the best of health. If we are, we may not have our loved ones around us; if we have both in our list of regrets, we may even let that time pass us by.

So, how to stop wanting more and be happy with less by adopting a modest lifestyle?

Here are few suggestions to create a simple yet meaningful life.

Pursue your passion

If we were aware of our goals/priorities and keep focussing on those, it’s a good beginning on the journey towards minimalism.

Ask yourself – do you really need that big car when your family is managing in the current one? Is it actually something you require or is your aspiration because a friend just bought one?

We are conditioned to walk on a certain career path as it’s “expected” of us, somewhere forgetting who we really are and what we really want.

Identify those things that you’re passionate about, pursue them relentlessly. Chances are you’ll taste success, and the entire process will be a satisfying one. Hours won’t seem long, money may be a little slow in the coming, but you’ll be energised to continue because it’s something you love and have chosen this road all by yourself.

“The best way to enjoy your favourite things is to only own your favourite things.” Anonymous

Explore new activities

Being happy with fewer things is about looking inward than the external world. Discover activities and hobbies in which you find pleasure in. It could be related to your field of work or something totally different you wished to try but didn’t. Your interests could be multiple – prune it down depending on your preference and what you have time for.

There’s a universe out there to explore – dancing, voiceover, volunteering work, teaching kids, and so on. Once you’ve recognised the hobby, be sure to plan effectively, so you can be engaged in it. Soon, you’ll have your own go-to zone when you need it the most. Who knows, your passion may even turn into a profession!

Nurture important relationships

Just like looking for activities that stimulate you, make sure to surround yourself with people who accept you for what you are. People who encourage and bring positivity are the ones you need in your life. Cherish, cultivate these relationships than spending time and money on acquiring possessions.

Display gratitude

Be grateful for what you’ve around you – a loving family, good health, food on the table, roof over your head. While focussing on what we don’t have, we miss out on what we do have. Appreciate and thank people least expect it; count your blessings every day. Displaying gratitude is a powerful, positive emotion that only multiplies the joy you feel within.

Minimalism differs for each one

We are all unique; that’s why the world becomes a special place to live in. Our passions, interests, things we value, belongings we no longer need – everything is varied. And, that’s why our journey towards minimalism will take us on separate tracks. Hence, it’s crucial to constantly assess, be self-aware and discard the clutter of the consumerist society.

The challenge is to commence on the journey, start with small things, then build on the idea. You’ll realise and get used to living more, being more with less. This process and experience will be enriching, life-changing. You’ll find yourself alive every moment, contented – leading you to a more meaningful, fulfilled life!

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