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How to Relax & Prepare Yourself for a Nerve-Wracking Situation

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Whether you’re gearing up for your dream job interview, preparing for the biggest sales presentation of your career, or getting ready to give a major speech at an event, there are many situations in life that can cause you a lot of stress. It is crucial that you are able to find ways to de-stress and stay calm so you can maximize your performance in each of these taxing scenarios.

To do this, you must have useful tactics up your sleeve that you can rely on to help you relax and properly prepare for the event you’ll soon face. 


One way to stay calm and collected every day is to incorporate meditation into your daily schedule. Each morning, lay down on a blanket in your living room, turn on calming music, and just breathe before getting the day started. Or take time to do a sitting meditation during each of your lunch breaks, so you start the afternoon off refreshed. There are also many free guided meditation videos on YouTube that will help you in your practice. Whatever you do, make it a regular part of your schedule to help you relax each day.

Focus on the Positive

Another way to cope with the burden of stress is to focus on all the positives in your life that you have to be grateful for. Make a mental list (or write down!) the many things in your life that bring you happiness each day. This will help uplift your mood and remind you that even though there may be a stressful event coming up, there are so many things that bring you fulfillment. The boost in joy you experience will help lessen your worry over the event and remind you that life is going great!

Walk Away & Distract Your Mind for a Bit

In addition to these stress-relieving tactics, another way to relax before a nerve-wracking situation is to literally pull yourself away from what is stressing you out for a bit. You can go for a walk around your neighborhood, spend half an hour reading your favorite book, or take a relaxing bath. I use these tactics when I need a break from writing for my lifestyle & beauty blog, BeautyBrite. Or spend time playing with your pets and/or your children! The most important thing is to distract your mind for a little while. Once you calm down and feel invigorated, then return to preparing for the situation with a composed and steady mind.

Set Your Intention

Once you feel calmer after using these tactics, take time to set your intention and goals that will help you maximize your performance in the upcoming situation. Write down exactly what you hope to achieve and the tactics that will help you reach these goals. Do you want to give the most impressive speech you’ve ever made? Do you want to land that big sale that will catapult your career to a whole new level of success? Spend time writing down the exact steps that will help you achieve your goal and tackle the steps one by one. 

Ramp Up Your Everyday Morale

In order to amplify your performance in difficult scenarios, it is also important to boost your everyday morale. One way to do this is by surrounding yourself with positive messages in your home and workspace. From inspirational quotes to beautiful art pieces that brighten up your office area, to pictures of your family and friends, jazz up your surroundings with positivity wherever you can. Once you feel tension over an upcoming, high-pressure situation, take a minute to look at these positive messages around you. It will help you feel more inspired and optimistic about life in general.

Healthy Habits Are Key

Finally, one more way to always feel on top of your game is to focus on maintaining healthy habits. Make to-do lists on your phone or your desktop to stay organized and productive each workday. Wake up a lot earlier to give you time to enjoy a wholesome breakfast, work out, and start getting ready for the day with an energized, positive mind. Spend time each week grocery shopping and meal prepping, so you stay away from the local fast food joint at lunchtime. Also, to prevent any fatigue that could impede your work performance, go to sleep at a decent hour every night, so you always wake up feeling well-rested.  

To Wrap it All Up

I hope these tips help you in preparing for any upcoming stressful situations you may face. Remember to always listen to your body and take note of when you start feeling stressed or overwhelmed. That will be your cue to take a step back from worrying over the event and focus on calming your body and mind. Life can bring forth countless harrowing situations, but using the tactics listed above will help you maintain peak performance in any difficult scenario you may face. Stay positive and believe in yourself—you got this!

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