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Creating Inspired Morning: An Antidote to Sluggish Morning

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Do you feel sluggish and lazy in the morning?

Do you grab your phone and rush into another day on autopilot?

Creating energizing, inspiring morning rituals can change all of this. Not only will you be establishing morning rituals you love but, it will affect your mood, your mindset, and your entire day. 

This is about being intentional with our morning, our time, and how we spend it. Being intentional means being mindful about how we want to show up for ourselves and the world. It’s about being on our own side and aligning our actions with the day (and life!) that we want to create.

It’s about nourishing ourselves instead of letting stress and overwhelm take over. If you think you don’t have time then, you probably need this the most. It may be the most valuable time you spend. 

What you want to do is create a morning that really supports you. How can you optimize morning to create the energy and optimism you require to meet the day? You are going to want to decide how that morning is structured, infuse it with a lot of inspiration and have all of the supports in place to ensure your success.

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Here are tips to get started:

1. Possibly the toughest but, most essential tip

Don’t reach for your phone, the first thing to avoid in the morning. Have a quiet morning routine before diving into the day. If this is tough for you, start with 5 minutes of quiet meditation and build from there.

2. Create an intention for your day

Ask yourself: * What do I want to create for myself today?
* How do I want to show up in the world today?

This mindful questioning brings you clarity. It connects you with yourself and your goals. You’re in the driver’s seat, so set your GPS accordingly. These questions don’t have to take a long time but, they do deserve your attention and consideration. Meditating on them or writing about them in a journal can help to ground you to them further.

3. Create morning rituals that bring you joy and inspire you

Turn on your favourite music. Enjoy your shower. Create a grooming practice that makes you feel good. Make an effort to be in the moment. When you drift to thoughts or the past or future, bring yourself back into the moment.

For example, when you’re in the shower, just be in the shower. When your mind wanders to that argument you had yesterday or the call you have this morning, bring yourself back and just be in the shower.

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4. Have a healthy breakfast – one packed with nutrients and energy

Plan ahead so this is easy and your body is well-fueled. It’s important to get the right amount of nutrition that charges your morning, as you feel fueled and energised. Never start your day empty stomach or survive a morning on one mug of coffee; that’s like surviving on fumes.

5. Move your body

Stretch, dance, run, or a walk – you will thank yourself. If you don’t have time for a full morning workout, dancing to your favourite song, grabbing a quick walk, or doing some stretches does a great job of waking the body up.

Use what time you have to create a nourishing morning routine you look forward to. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just mindful and deliberate. Start with 5 minutes to center yourself. As you go, layer greater presence, ease, and joy into every morning activity you have.

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Give some thought to what inspires you – scents, sounds, sights, flavours, etc. Look for every opportunity to infuse all the things that make you happy into your morning. Sound too simple? Just try it.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to shift your morning, there are 2 things that are going to make a difference: commitment and being prepared.

Changing our habits (especially morning routines) can be hard. Commitment is key. You need to be willing to put the time in each morning over a period of time. Simple and consistent effort will yield cumulative and transformative results over time. You will also be creating a practice that’s sustainable. You need to commit to at least 7 days. 21 days to really change a habit is ideal.

Preparedness is like being on your own side and pre-planning all the tools that will help you create that mindful morning. Don’t leave room for excuses or opportunities to fall short. Think about what you want your morning to include and make a list of things you might need. You may want to:

  • Set your alarm earlier to create time for exercise and/or an intention setting practice
  • Have your clothes ready to go
  • Shop for healthy, easy breakfast foods
  • Have items on hand that may inspire your most intentional morning – a journal, a meditation app, a candle, your favourite book, a body wash, or other grooming product that makes you feel good
  • Ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and are well-rested

Morning can be sacred instead of sluggish or scattered. If morning has felt like the enemy, convert them into opportunities. Choosing how you start your day matters. Create a morning ritual you absolutely love and that energizes you. Commit to a manageable routine and give it a fair shot.

It is the simple and consistent intentional actions you take over time that will not only transform you but create a life that you look forward to waking up every day.

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