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All You Need To Know About The Unrequited Love

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Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. You can never feel the surge of emotions in any other alliance than in love. There is a lot written about love. The expression of love and its forms have been discussed and are still a matter of discussion among people. 

But what about the love that is left incomplete or that has not ever been expressed? 

I hope you guessed it. Yes, I am talking about unrequited love. 

Unrequited love is basically one-sided love. Love that has never been expressed or been rejected consciously. In unrequited love, the person is either unaware of his/her admirer or has rejected the proposal. Waiting for the person in unrequited love is just like waiting for a ship at the airport. It makes the admirer go into depression, have negative feelings, anxiety, mood swings, euphoria, and sometimes lose belief and faith in love. The person who goes through immense emotional turmoil and grief. 

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In this unrequited love, the person is alone and has to go through every feeling and emotion all by himself or herself. This love is bittersweet. You feel the love to the same extent but are never able to complete it. 

Love is the most interesting feeling so far, and no one has ever understood it completely. Scientists call it the chemical reactions in the brain that lead to different emotions. No one chooses to fall in love; it just happens without any stimulus given. It just happens irrespective of social, cultural, or educational background. Before we realize it, we find ourselves falling head over heels for someone. 

Unrequited love is often questioned because there is no mutual attraction between two-sides. But it is equally genuine because, as per scientists, the same chemical reactions take place in both forms of love. 

I would not say that love weakens a person, but unrequited love does that in some way or another. Not being able to express love or being rejected consciously becomes the reason for many mental issues. Sometimes this unrequited love gets complete and becomes requited, but mostly this is not reciprocated, and the feelings of the admirer are left as such, which is very painful.

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Apart from all the negatives about unrequited love, the best part is that it is a form of love that is done unconditionally without any expectations. It is pure and unbiased. It gives you the opportunity to grow as an individual and understand more about your own needs and desires.

One-sided love makes you strong as you are the only one who is in love, and you are going through all the emotions all alone, which is difficult, but someone who comes out of it becomes much stronger emotionally. 

Not every time is this love real. At times it is just the physical attraction and can even cause harm to the one for whom the love is. Physical attraction in any form of love is unaccepted, but it is more dangerous in unrequited love because it becomes a matter of wanting. 

We, humans, are social animals, and we need someone to be with us. We search for people who resonate with us, and thus we try to get along with them. Sometimes our feelings get reciprocated, and sometimes not. This can be due to the lack of mutual understanding, compatibility issues, or may be due to socioeconomic backgrounds. That doesn’t mean we should stop falling in love. 

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But unrequited love doesn’t last for long because, as the great scientist Isaac Newton said, every action needs an equal reaction. But in the case of unrequited love, there is no reaction. Imagine a game of badminton where the player is hitting the cock all alone and not getting it in return. How long is this game going to last? The same is with unrequited love. Love is not a one-sided game; it has to be two-way. Otherwise, it fails terribly. 

Unrequited love or simply unreciprocated love has given rise to many great artists such as poets, writers, painters, etc. These are those who weren’t able to express their love to the person they feel for. Thus, they became artists and expressed their emotions in the form of art, poetry, or stories. There are many paintings, poems, and stories written expressing one-sided love. It becomes an inspiration for these artists. This is the positive side of being in unrequited love. 

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