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Things I Learnt From My First Breakup And How It Made Me Believe In Myself, Again

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Breakups are heartbreaking and confusing. No matter, how many you’ve gone through (1 or 7), every breakup teaches you a new lesson and makes you see life from a different perspective. When I was in a relationship, many folks prefer to give me love advice, like how to keep the spark alive? What not to react on or how to handle the ugly fights in the relationship and so on…. Though I did everything to give this relationship a name (marriage), from planning surprise dinners to a vacation in Hawaii, my relationship failed under the sky.

I learnt one thing from my first breakup, which changed my thought process and made me believe in myself again and that is- feelings for someone are temporary, but self-care comes first. And honestly, this thought of analysing things changed the whole scenario of looking at life, and yes, it’s the best decision I have ever made.

Though falling in love is the most beautiful and romantic thing, but loving yourself above all is the best feeling, which is what I realised after my first breakup. I was 25 when I dealt with my first breakup. I never thought my love story would take such a sharp U-turn but sometimes bad things do happen for a good reason. Bingo…

How many of you felt happy and cherish your first breakup memory? I wonder most of us would. Because it taught us so many things, right? It made us realise who is important to us and also opened the doors too many successful paths.

How it changed my life?

So, if you have set your mind and are ready to change your life after the breakup, then there are thousands of ways to go about it. No, I’m not talking about directly jumping into a new relationship or something, but you could take up a few decisions that may end up impacting the rest of your life, in a good way.

The first thing I did right after the breakup was ditching my old mattress which smelt like him and made me remember him more, with a new comfy-cushioning bed.

We all deserve to be in the right place after a breakup, and while it might feel like it’s taking forever to move on, you’re doing your best.

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Say Hello to Social Media:

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Do you still stalk your ex? Then, my dear, take a big step – it sounds very outdated but it’s imperative to block your ex from social media. Not only does it gives you significant relief, but it also detaches you from the imaginary world which you have created around you.

Instead of stalking your ex, you should connect with more positive people, make new friends, join yoga classes, do something you always wished for or anything that gives you immense happiness.

Make time for self-pampering:

I know that to deal with a breakup at the initial stage is burdensome. Be strong and instead of lying in bed all day, take some extra care of yourself. Hit a spa and make sure you are giving enough time to exercise to get your happy hormones flowing.

Go out with your girl gang and laugh harder- that’s the best therapy for a breakup.

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How about trying something new:

Take out time to fulfil your passions. We all have a bucket list which we thought to cross, but by being in a relationship. We might have found it harder or impossible to get it done.

Now you are free, rather than investing your time in eating a tub of ice cream and scrolling through old pictures, do something you always wished for. Something out of the box that gives you another reason to stay happy in life. Be it a vacation with family, friends, or a new activity. Take your chapter to a new level and embrace your decisions. You can thank me later.

Throw yourself in work and career:

women focusing on work and career

The end of a breakup doesn’t mean you have to end or cut yourself from professional life. I would say, give your work life a fantastic throwback. Attend more empowering events, talk to inspiring writers, read more and follow your ambition. Do what you’re passionate about and never underestimate the power of a woman in love, or the power of a woman recently out of it.

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Start the dating game again:

start the dating game again

Well, this would be the scariest part of the post-breakup revolution. You had recently gone through a breakup and getting involved in a relationship again isn’t something you may want. Initially, you would find it uncomfortable, but as soon you meet new people and go out for coffee, you’ll feel good and get to know more interesting out there who see life from a different perspective and have crazy ambitions in their lives.

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