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4 Amazing Anniversary Ideas Everybody Would Adore

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All relationships have milestones called anniversaries. This is the most special day in the year for any couple as it reminds you of how your relationship started and how you fell in love. To celebrate this magical day, it’s customary to get each other gifts. This is where the trouble begins as you have to pick the perfect gift for someone you love most in the world.

How do you possibly find something as perfect as them? Thankfully, there are some ideas for amazing gifts that your SO is bound to love as much as they love you.

1. Us against the world

anniversary ideas

It’s very hard to feel like you’re getting enough quality time together when life always gets in the way. Be it work or other responsibilities, it seems there’s never enough alone time for a couple in love. This is why should book a weekend getaway and have your love all to yourself for an entire weekend. That’s the perfect way to reconnect and celebrate your love without any distractions.

You don’t even have to go very far as long as you turn off your phones and commit to spending quality time together. Depending on what you and your SO like, you can book a destination with a lot of couple’s activities to keep you out and about or you can choose a destination where the only thing there is to do is relax under the sun. Whatever you decide, your SO is bound to adore it.

There’s nothing more precious than time and this gift shows your partner that you realize that. The memories you make on this trip will stay with you forever and you’re bound to come home even more in love than when you left. If you’re looking for a cheap getaway, there’s nothing stopping you from booking a hotel in your own city. It’s still going to be romantic and out of the ordinary because you’re together and you’re putting the rest of the world on pause.

2. And I’d do it all over again

anniversaries gifts

If you feel like you would do your relationship all over again no matter how many ups and downs you’ve had, then it’s time to recreate your first date. No matter how much you love your SO now, you can’t forget the exhilarating butterflies and nervousness before you went out for the first time. You should recreate this feeling by doing exactly what you did for your first date and reminiscing how you met.

For extra points for walking down memory lane, you should dress the same as you did then. If you want to take things a step even further, act as if you don’t know each other and it really is your first date again. Roleplaying could be the perfect way to refresh the relationship and to remind each other why you fell in love. 

3. The basket of love

Gift hampers or baskets are the ideal anniversary gift because they’re more gifts wrapped up into one! These hampers are full of luxurious and delicious goods your SO will adore. Whether it’s candy, fruit, or wine, they’re going to enjoy every single last good in the basket. With this gift, you’re basically promising them a day or night of relaxation with the most amazing props available.

Add a couple of candles to the basket and you’ve got a romantic evening ahead of you that both of you can enjoy. You know what they say, the best way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. So imagine how much they’ll love you when you’re giving them the finest foods in all the land for your anniversary. The best part is that they’ll always have the basket to remind them of your awesome gift even when everything’s been used and eaten.

4. A map to their heart

 anniversaries gifts

If you’ve been together for a while, it means that you have a lot of memories together. It’s not even just about your anniversary anymore, but about the first date, first kiss, first trip together, and every other milestone you may remember. You can commemorate your entire relationship by making a map of everything that’s happened.

Do this by taking a large piece of paper or cardboard and creating a roadmap of your relationship. You can make it into any shape you want, but make sure there’s a giant X that marks the treasure at the end of the map. Write the date of your anniversary under it and symbolically show your SO that they’re your treasure. This is an amazing gift because it can be framed and hung up on your or their wall so that you’ll always have a romantic view in the house.


As you can see, these amazing ideas are bound to make your SO fall head over heels for you once again. They’re a true testimony of how much you love your partner and all the things you would do to make them happy. Whether it’s something really expensive, an experience, or something handmade- your partner will adore it simply because it came from you. We’re confident this will be an anniversary to remember and that they’ll always keep your gift close.

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