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Why Women Are Much Obsessed With Wine than Men

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The phrase, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend” is now old school. Be it parties, indoor get-togethers, or spending some alone time, you will always see a glass of wine is the perfect companion of women. This glass of sweet indulgence means different things to different women.

Some women prefer to have wine for health benefits; while some have wine – as their evening ritual; some consider wine to complement their book reading, and some drink wine to ease their loneliness. 

Many women have also admitted that wine makes them feel beautiful, and they seem more positive as they sip their glass of wine. Another reason for a woman’s love for wine is the status that comes with drinking wine.

Among all, an old saying says that women are much obsessed with wine more than men? Do you also think so? Come, let’s find out.

Why Women Love Wine More than Men?

Men are genetically programmed to have dark and hard drinks than wine. They prefer drinks that aren’t sweet and give them a rush in the first sip itself. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, men look for something that suits their masculine personality.

Women, on the other hand, are more drawn towards sweeter beverages, which have softer tastes.

Why Women Are More in Love with Wine than Men

Consciously or unconsciously, men are more driven towards drinks that are considered more masculine in nature. Another reason why wine isn’t the first choice of men is that there still lies the stigma of wine being a “woman’s drink,” which doesn’t make it the first choice of men.

Women Love Affair With Wine is Ages old

Woman’s love affair with wine has seen best in the series ‘Sex and the City’, which actually increased our knowledge-base about wines and broke all stereotypes, making drinking wine a universal liberation.

According to a study conducted in the US, 52 percent of women preferred wine whereas only 20 percent of men preferred wine to other drinks.

There are several reasons for this eternal love affair of women and wine. Women having high-pressure jobs are prone to drinking wine as an everyday ritual to ease off the stress.

As wine instantly gives them a few moments of relief from their hectic schedule and quickly mingle with their work culture.

What does Medical say About The Health Benefits of Wine?

Many medical studies also reveal that wine is known to reduce stress, heart diseases, and even prevent breast cancer. It also helps in increasing their life span.

Apart from being classy and having these amazing health benefits, wine doesn’t give you a bad hangover. It’s easy to take the edge off wine, and women are left with happy memories of their drunkenness rather than feeling nauseous after waking up the next morning.

Many women also consider wine as their sole companion when they want to sit in peace and contemplate things. As they say, drinking wine elevates their mood in times of nostalgia.

Other Reasons Why Women Love Wine

Why Women Are More in Love with Wine than Men
  • Unlike other beverages with a bitter taste, wine has a sweeter taste, which is preferable to the pungent taste of most alcoholic drinks.
  • Women usually prefer to drink from a low-to-moderate level because they don’t want to be hungover the next day. Consuming wine gives them a high, which is enough to help them carry on with the next day without wasting time vomiting in the washroom.
  • Drinking wine is doctor recommended and is incorporated as a healthy habit by many women.
  • There are so many options of wine available, all so diverse and rich in taste. Whether it’s Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, the classic red wine, or a rich and deep Barolo, women can always choose the wine that goes with their mood.
  • When men think of Beer, they think of a Guy’s Night or a Game Night. However, when women think of wine, they picture it in a grand party, a girl’s night, an intimate date, and even a breakup night. Their perfect bottle of wine always manages to blend into every occasion.

Although wine is considered less addictive than other alcoholic drinks, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) says that drinking too much wine may cross the boundary from moderate to heavy drinking. Make sure that wine remains your best friend for a happy high and not a difficult addiction.

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