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What Not to Do For the Sake of a Man: 9 Important Rules of the Relationship

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No relationship is the happiest; to make it “the perfect,”- the partners need to work hard and give equal time. And I mean work. Between all the blathering about compromise, sacrifice, and doing that work, I still think there are some things you should never do for the sake of your partner.

A healthy relationship isn’t always about giving and sacrificing things to get in a man’s heart. You should also know how to balance things in love.

In a relationship, it is important not just to look after how a man would see you. But also how you see yourself in front of a man.

So, wondering what these things that you should avoid doing for the sake of a man are? Have a good read on the list below;

1. Don’t be too easy.

You might like that man very much but consider having a little shame when you walk in front of him. Don’t make him look at you as if you’re easy to get because some of them are only after your virginity. If you aren’t ready to do so, stop giving motives that will make him crave you. 

2. Stop giving too much. 

Offering a special gift to a man is okay, but don’t be too generous if you don’t have many funds. And if that man keeps on asking for more, spare some love for yourself. Material things do not make a man stay; it’s their choice to stay. 

3. Refrain forgiving the same mistake.

Wake up and stop trying to rebuild something that is already ruined. Never allow yourself to be treated disrespectfully because it might get worse, and you might end up despising yourself for allowing it. 

4. Do not lose your identity.

Protect yourself and be careful that you won’t end up losing yourself for a man. You are worthy of being loved, and always remind yourself who you are in Christ. Don’t try to change yourself your personality traits, so that he can love you. Because those who truly love you will adore the real you. There’s no need to put on a mask. 

5. Never make a man your world.

You only have one life, so don’t try to waste it on a man who isn’t sure about you. Your world won’t stop even if he dumps you. Hence, you don’t need a man to function; you can still work things out without him. Call out your girlfriends and plan a vacation.

6. Never ever change your wardrobe. 

Changing the way you dress to make a man fall for you or to make him love you more isn’t wise. You’re bringing your own body, so flaunt whatever clothes you want to wear. Keep doing things that make you happy, not what makes others happy.  

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7. Don’t you ever give up your right to decide for yourself.

Do not allow a man to control you in doing things you don’t agree with, just to make him feel satisfied. You aren’t living for other people. You are allowed to make your own decision, and if that doesn’t make him happy, then he isn’t worth it. 

8. Never give up your dreams and goals.

Before he came, I knew you were already settled with your dreams and goals in life. You don’t have to leave everything behind just because you met him. Your happiness and all the things that are important to you must stay. Because if he truly adores you, he will support you and will not be a hinder in achieving your dreams in life. 

9. Do not be emotionally dependent.

Remind yourself that you don’t need a man to feel complete and happy. The way how you feel and how you perceive things is not dependent on a man. You can still live in a complete body and be merry without depending on anyone. 

I know it’s hard to follow the list above, yet with deep understanding, you’ll realize that protecting yourself is okay. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

You can still entertain a man, fall in love, be in a relationship, but maintain yourself and don’t settle for less.

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