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How To Start Things Up In The Bedroom After Having A Baby

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So you both have waited through the six weeks, patiently. You are fully healed and want to get your sex life back on track. So how do you do it?

Most of the time, women will have trouble finding themselves attractive after giving birth. Also, you may be too tired to even dream of having some sexy time with your partner. Babies do take up a considerable amount of time; it leaves you exhausted, especially during the first few months.

This can wreak havoc on your libido, and when you start feeling the effects, you know you are desperate to get some! The answers to get through this are simple enough.

They do say that the simplest solution is almost always the correct one. So…

• Take it slow in the beginning

You don’t have to rush things. Take your time. Your energy levels will be low, and so will your stamina. You can start with cuddling or slight touching. You will feel loved, and it may ignite other feelings as well, leading to more intimacy.

• Giving up a tired-mom look

Yes, that tired-mom look makes you feel unattractive. You feel depressed and wonder whether it will make your partner feel repulsed.

In a lot of situations, we have to stop thinking and start doing. This doesn’t mean going to the salon to perm your hair or to the beauty spa for your makeup and nails. No! What matters most is looking good and smelling great(baby spit up can be a downer). You don’t have to go out of your way. A kind and considerate partner will tell you the same. Just do something to help you feel good.

So start with a basic beauty regimen. Combing your hair, washing your face and moisturizing is a start. Eventually, you will have more time to spend on yourself.

• Sending flirty texts to your partner

Who says flirting ever has to stop? In fact, the more serious your relationship, the more flirting should be done. Not only does it keep the relationship and bond between the two of you bubbly, but it also shows that you are attracted to one another. Nothing makes the light bulbs go off faster than that one. (Wink Wink)

• Keeping schedule

This may sound very boring, predictable, or even a bit clinical, but it isn’t. This is especially for those who are having trouble actually making time for one another, romantically speaking. Having a schedule forces you to have those moments. It will eventually lead to your partner getting accustomed to the routine, and you will no longer have the marked calendar.

Things will get better. It always does, when you put some work into it. Getting back into the groove may take some time, for some, it’s not a problem. But, remember to never compare yourselves in the bedroom with other couples. Just as babies are different, our relationships are also different.

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Nerissa Krijay Naidoo
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