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15 Ways to Rewrite Your Breakup Story and Feel Better

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The pain and feeling accompanied by losing a loved one due to circumstances are beyond our control and quite disheartening. Most times, it affects individual psychology or otherwise makes them not behave the way they should. 

To give one a mindset of getting over such a situation and the following strategies discussed below should be put into full consideration.

1. Find out your inner voice

Every individual has a critical inner voice that pops out suggestions when conditions don’t seem reasonable. The thought always comes when you are lost in a relationship; it can bring devastating ideas. You ought to let go of those feelings brought about by your inner voice and get to treat with compassion that which is right to do at any instant as a human.

2. Abstain from love fantasy

One should be able to let go of all those memories that existed when in a relationship because constant remembrance of it brings up a fresh pain to the heart. Those fantasies can make one feel that one cannot live independently or have lost part of themselves.

3. Build a growth mindset

As proved, adopting a growth mindset of seeing breakups as opportunities to experience the pain and joy comes from love and making plans to be a better person. It would keep you out of the state of not being able to push forward or love again.

4. Imbibe self-compassion

One should be able to love him or herself and not keep imposing self-judgment on oneself. You should try to view things as experiences you can learn from and never repeat. As this views ideas in a general sense, you can be a better person while looking up to yourself.

5. Create a positive story

In recurring the events that took place and led to the breakup and trying to compel the story about it. One should not always focus on making the whole blame or instead laying it only to its partner but should always render and remember it wasn’t all that bad of memory, and recount for the places they never got it right and try to build or fill those spaces of flaws.

6. Discover self-love

Trying to engage yourself in activities you love doing, and that makes you feel happy, is one of the ways of getting back to life. With this, you can be able to be immense in the pleasure of self-love for yourself despite whatever situation you are facing.

7. Ask questions

Once it seems everything is getting closed up, and the case of depression comes up, try an examination of different ideas that pop out of your head. Try to determine them with questions before considering taking actions that you would ever live to regret, and with that, you will live well soon.

8. Examine your efforts

Try to figure out your existence, how long you have lived, and how much you have achieved before getting into the trauma of a breakup. Knowing fully well that you have gone through all these trials and still survived would give you more strength to keep living up without that very one you love.

9. Visualize the life you want

Before you gave into love, there was a lot you ever wished to achieve, places you ever wanted to be, crazy things you would have loved doing. Gather up yourself and try doing them to earn back your happiness.

10. Talk to someone

There are scars that we cannot bear alone; it feels it is hurting us and can blow us out. Try seeking a psychologist or someone who has passed through this before to put you through.

11. Make some good memories

Try to seek a breakup as a new opportunity to explore further into love, keeping the memories you both ever had and neglecting the bad ones.

12. Make amends

In cases where it seems harsh, and you find utmost love and consolation, one can look for comfort with its partner in rare instances or forget by being fully engaged in activities for about three months.

13. Never give up on love

As known, love is an adventure, and we never finish its episodes until we are no more, there is more to explore, and keep doing that and give yourself a better chance to fall into it again because once there is life, there is the hope of getting a perfect soul.

14. Write a story-line

Putting up a story and getting yourself immersed in it can go along the way of giving you another sense of the feeling you missed and an edge towards being so happy again, giving yourself another chance of loving.

15. Picture a new relationship

Hey Ms., get out there and find someone who can occupy the space within you and can treat you better, with that you won’t feel a better part of you was lost.

Love is something everyone hopes for and what we seek to enjoy, and everyone feels bad about losing loved ones.

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